Creative Arts

​In the West and beyond, today’s world is captivated by entertainment. It has become an almost singular pursuit for many and is increasingly the key way that messages are disseminated into culture. As the number of voices grows, never has there been a greater need for creative arts that point to Christ.​

TEAM’s arts and media initiatives serve churches and communities, from puppet ministry in Central America, to an arts and music center in Southeast Asia, to website, video, and print production around the world. We focus on projects and expressions that are locally appropriate and will connect effectively with those who do not know Christ. TEAM seeks visual, performing and technical artists who desire to invest their gifts in service of the church to the glory of God, as an integral part of discipleship and worship. Click below to explore our current opportunities for service in Creative Arts. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please share your ideas with us. We want the message of Jesus Christ to go forth in new ways and would love to help you start your missionary journey.

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Creative Arts Stories

Learn more about TEAM’s ministry in this area through these stories, videos and photos of God’s work around the world.


Quick Facts

  • Arts initiatives are increasingly effective in sharing the gospel in closed-access and post-Christian regions.
  • Diverse service opportunities range from the fine arts to digital media.


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Current Creative Arts Opportunities

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Opportunity TitleAreaLength

Short Term Coordinator

Mexico 9 months - 2 years
more than 3 years

Christian Resource Developer (OMF)

Thailand more than 3 years

Church Planting Team Member

Thailand up to 8 months
9 months - 2 years
more than 3 years

Music Ministry

Colombia more than 3 years

Script Writer

Guatemala up to 8 months
9 months - 2 years
more than 3 years

Orientation to Missions

Chad up to 8 months

Music Evangelism (OMF)

Thailand 9 months - 2 years
more than 3 years

Community Development Short-term Team

Chad up to 8 months

Worship Leader (Tokyo, TMMI)

Japan 9 months - 2 years

Operation Joshua Staff

Greece up to 8 months
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