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Welcome to the Missions Place!  An open, inviting space where global-minded people gather to chat about missions, attend special events, and simply find a place to relax and connect.

At TEAM, we’ve been sending missionaries around the world for over a century to bring the good news of Christ to those who most need to hear it. We specialize in church planting, but our ministry initiatives are as diverse as the communities we live in.

Missions Place is not about us. It’s about you — connecting you to what God is doing across the globe. You’ll find art exhibits, friendly and knowledgeable TEAM staff, and spaces that churches, community members and businesses can use for meetings, events, or just to get away from the office. We regularly schedule opportunities at Missions Places where you can rub shoulders with veteran missionaries and ask all your burning questions.

Missions Place is low key and no strings attached. It’s one way we’re connecting global missions to local communities. It’s where you can explore what missions is all about, whether you’re interested in TEAM or any other ministry.

In short, Missions Place is square one of your missions journey, wherever that may be taking you. 



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