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Chageen Children's Workers

Opportunity in Chad


Within the Kwong church, there has been essentially no intentional transmission of the gospel to the next generation … until recent years. Join the Vanderkoois as they seek to imbue the Kwong church with a tradition of conscientiously training up their children in the fear of God. Their vision is to begin with 50 children of approximately 5 years of age, and then to build into their lives right through to adulthood with a comprehensive package of beliefs, attitudes, and conduct which befit a Kwong society ordered by Christ. In this “school of character”, nothing would be outside the scope of its teaching – the practice of polite behavior, the valorization of sacrificial service to others, healthful living, God-honoring marriage, the practice of personal discipline, an awareness of the outside world, an appreciation of nature, the pursuit of academic excellence, love for and devotion to Christ, and finally (and most crucially), a sense of obligation to imbue their own children with these same qualities.


A history of fruitful children’s ministry in your home country
Fluency in French
A commitment to mastering the Kwong language
Preferably a couple – believing that both male and female role models are essential for this vision

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