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Church Planting Course Participant (Alps Hub)

Opportunity in France


The National Council of French Evangelicals (CNEF) estimates that the best program, gimmick, outreach, or strategy for working with God in France is, in effect, to BE and BUILD the BODY OF CHRIST in France. TEAM wholeheartedly agrees with this… so much so that we’ve made it our purpose statement.

Are you wondering if you should take on a church-planting or pastoral position in North America? You should consider doing the same in France. The CNEF has a very accessible way to cut your teeth in church-planting ministry through their “parcours découvert d’implantation). It is the French Evangelical community’s response to the need to train new church-planters.

You could come to France and learn the language and culture while you participate in the local church. When you are ready, then you could participate in the “parcours” that would give you the knowledge, skills and network to be used of God to plant a church where there was none.

France currently has one evangelical church for every 30,000 inhabitants. The CNEF has the goal of seeing the number of churches increase to 1 for every 10,000. Come be a part of this exciting, unified vision that God has given to His church in France.


1. We require you to love and be all about the church. The church is the hope of France as it is for the world. It is beautiful and diverse and ever becoming more like its groom – Christ himself.

2. We require you to be able to work with others. Church means assembly, so it is likely that you’ll work with other people who may not be like you. You need to be flexible, loving, patient, and kind to build a church.

3. We require you to be teachable. The church in France might not look like the church that you want to create. The French culture might not give you all the space you think you need to do what you think you need to do. The joy of planting a church in a foreign culture is that the “teacher” stays “teachable”. If this is who you feel you are, let’s talk!

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