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Regional Security Coordinator, Asia Pacific Region

Opportunity in East Asia


The Regional Security Coordinator is responsible for creating and maintaining the most secure environment possible for our Therefore Alliance workers in the Asia Pacific Region (currently Crossworld, SEND, and TEAM) in the context of their location and as they travel.  The Coordinator will stay abreast of current security issues and potential future security issues. The Coordinator will assist each country where we work, and the region as a whole, to implement the best possible security procedures and protocols to protect our workers, and where possible, our ministry partners.  

The Regional Security Coordinator is appointed by and accountable to the regional leader of the Asia Pacific Region in their organisation (Crossworld, SEND or TEAM). They will also consult with and receive input from their organisations’ global security leader or task force.  A liaison person will be appointed by each of the other organisations in the Therefore Alliance, who will help them to understand that agency’s structures, terminology and culture.

The Coordinator will work in cooperation with a security point person from each agency, in each country where they work.

Primary Responsibilities

  1. Stay well informed on security issues in the region and in particular those related to countries where we work. Communicate any concerns to the relevant global, regional and country leaders.
  2. Work with the Asia Pacific regional leaders, Alliance partners and the global security leaders for the Alliance members in developing and implementing structures, policies and systems that maximize the security of our workers, and partners.  This will include security in relation to natural disasters, political turmoil, terrorism, general physical/personal security, child protection and data/communication security.
  3. Facilitate fields complying with appendix 1.
  4. Be a point person for crisis situations in the region.
  5. Provide or facilitate security training as needed or as directed by their supervisor.
  6. Ensure someone in each country is equipped to brief new workers on relevant security issue for their country, and how to best address them.  Where no-one is equipped, the Security Officer will provide or arrange the relevant training.
  7. Being available as a consultant to the region as a whole and individual countries and locations. 

The attached spreadsheet indicated the topics the coordinator will be involved in and the interaction between global, regional and local leaders.

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