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Last Edited: 24 April 2019


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My Story:

Hey, thank you for visiting my site! I’m a Husker fan from Nebraska but my sending church is The Orchard, Arlington Heights Campus in Illinois. I grew up in the northeast corner of Nebraska in the small town of Coleridge. I graduated from the U of N with a BS in Math. Early in my college life God used my brother and the Navigators to draw me to Himself. I enjoyed ten years of fellowship with the Navigators. Before I graduated I went on my first missions trip to Mexico and attended the Summer Institute of Linguistics. After graduation I moved to Chicago and worked as a computer programmer. I felt God continuing to call me into missions so I went to Trinity Evangelical School. During my seminary time I spent one year in Japan teaching English with TEAM. God used this event to lead me to come back to this land after graduation. I have had no regrets. I love the variety of the ministry here. I have worked in multiple church plants around Japan with each one offering different experiences, as well as in the finance office of TEAM Japan. For the most part I worked with Walter and LouAnne Copeland in Kobe. I helped to establish two churches there. Now I am in Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima working with Bill and Linda Huff to establish a reproducing church here, Lord willing.

Ministry Focus:

My ministry is focused where I live. I teach some English conversation and have a few Bible studies. To meet people, I have joined the local sports club and a 6 week-choral group. From June I became one of ten core members of an organization to raise funds for a two-year-old friend of mine. I am glad to say that now she is living with a new heart! All this came about after so many miracles that her mother is convinced that God exists! From September I am putting out a monthly ‘news letter’ for the 200 homes of my near neighborhood. Most of the women in Bible study are believers. My desire is that they would grow in Christ and in evangelism.

The People:

Hatsukaichi is a suburb of Hiroshima yet has a countryside feel. The people are very warm and friendly. Many of the people I meet are retired and/or housewives. I do have several younger men in my English classes and three are self-employed. Most of the people in Hiroshima work for Mazda or a contractor of Mazda. They are middle class and enjoy the relaxed pace of life here. As a nation, Japanese people prefer security over risk and try to avoid change or anything upsetting. (They don’t seem to mind changes in technology, though) Hiroshima has very few earthquakes and several people have told me that is one reason they chose to live here. In keeping with the country feel, many people are related and every body seems to have a connection with each other. Spiritually, they are involved in a cultural way with traditional religions and several cults are in this area. They are not hungry for the true living God.

Primary Prayer Request

Pray the people will develop a thirst for God. Pray the news letter will lead to discussions and questions. There are many hurting people here and many families are dysfunctional.

Pray the believers will pray faithfully for their family members and witness to them.

Pray for me to have wisdom and be ‘salt as I teach the Bible and English conversation.

Pray I will communicate the Gospel clearly and in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Thank you and may God be praised.