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Last Edited: 12 August 2020


Bobby Garcia

My Story

I grew up in the upstate of South Carolina and was raised in a cross-cultural home that taught me to seek out and love people unconditionally. My upbringing has led me to have a passion for people–especially those who do not know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. I do my best to seek out and find people that God has placed in my life to develop relationships with and I also work to share the Gospel with unbelievers as the Holy Spirit leads. I enjoy devoting a large amount of time mentoring young believers and helping them grow in their walk with the Lord as well.

I came to Christ my junior year in high school after looking for answers everywhere else. My eyes were opened to the truth shortly after a very hard time in my life. My youth pastor shared the gospel with me and began to really invest in me to a point where the Lord brought me to faith through him. Since that time, I have grown in my relationship with Christ and have been given opportunity after opportunity to share the wonderful truth with those who do not know Jesus.

The Lord used my college years to grow me the most and to prepare me to serve God overseas. I became involved with a ministry called Campus Outreach and through them, the Lord was able to grow me in ways that I didn’t even know were possible. My second year in school, the Lord began to break my heart for those who don’t know him outside of the United States. We’re bombarded in the U.S. with opportunities to respond to the truth of the gospel and there are people outside of this country that have never and will never get that chance. God has been affirming my calling to go evangelize in Europe for the past two and a half years and I am currently being exposed to the truth of God’s infinite and immense love for me and for those around the world that He wants to be brought into Him.

Ministry Focus:

English Teaching, Community Outreach, and College Evangelism

I will be working with a team already on the ground in Seville, Spain to teach and tutor English. This will provide relationship building that will create avenues leading to opportunities to expose these people to Christ and His desire to know them. Apart from teaching and tutoring, I will be heavily involved with the community in Seville. My team and I will live among the locals and become regular faces. We will make friends and develop deep relationships that will allow us to show them Jesus and to have conversations regarding spirituality and beliefs. Finally, because of my age, I will be able to go to a nearby University in Seville and outreach to local and international college students to expose them to the Gospel of Christ.

All of this is nothing without our dependence and total trust in the Lord to allow us to plant seeds in the people of Seville. We are trusting in God to grow the seeds within them and to continue to use us for the advancement of His Kingdom!

The People:

The people of Seville have huge hearts and personalities. They come across very friendly and are willing to engage in good conversation, but at the same time they take their relationships very seriously and do not open up about a lot of things easily. They are hardened to certain topics, especially those regarding politics and religion.

Primary Prayer Request:

Pray for a rapid increase in financial support as my team in Spain is really wanting me to arrive in Seville by October of this year.

Pray for continued opportunities to share the Gospel as I prepare to leave.

Pray for Spain in general and that the people’s hearts are softened to the beautiful news and truth that the Lord desires them to know.