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Last Edited: 26 November 2019




Brett and Evelyn Miller

Brett's Story

I am a teacher and administrator for Zion Bible College in Swaziland. Before coming to Swaziland in 2014, I was a Shepherd/Elder at North Christian Church. I earned a B.S. in Psychology, an M.B.A. and a Master of Arts in Theological Studies, as well as a Doctorate in Management and Organizational Leadership. My last employment was as a Vice President for Taco John’s. I have taught classes online for secular universities and on-ground for Summit Christian College where I later served on the Board. I’ve also had the honor of serving on the Board of Insight Resources.

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Evelyn's Story

Evelyn is serving in Swaziland as an administrator at Zion Bible College. Evelyn has worked with the children at North Christian Church where she taught Sunday school, developed a whole Bible curriculum, and helped coordinate an all-city VBS program. She earned a B.A. in Children’s Ministry from Hope International University. Recently, Evelyn has worked with creche teachers in South Africa to identify testing standards and develop programs to help students succeed. In the States she worked at schools as a substitute teacher, computer lab paraprofessional, and as an elementary school librarian.

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Brett (husband), Evelyn (wife), Children: Lindsay, Joshua, Kelsey

Ministry Focus:

At Zion Bible College, Zionist pastors and church leaders are taught the truth. ZEMA (a partner organization with TEAM in Southern Africa) felt the need to establish ZBC in Swaziland, where over 60% of the 1.1 million population are Zionists. This is the highest concentration of Zionists in Africa.

God has raised up a team of gifted Swazi teachers and missionaries to help with the heavy load. This allowed ZBC to expand to 11 locations in 2010 to 30 in 2014.

Zion Bible College is not a typical Bible college. Instead of having a central campus or an administrative office. ZBC is a travelling college which goes to the students. There is a four-year curriculum, which includes every book of the Bible as well as character studies and doctrinal topics.

The work with the amaZioni is often cited by mission experts as the most exciting mission opportunity in the world today. . .


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The People:

In 1904, the church in Zion, Illinois, sent a missionary to South Africa. By 1906, he had baptized 5,000 new believers. There was no further contact between these converts and the church in Zion until about 1970. The initial group of 5,000 new believers now numbers 15-18 million, and they point to the church in Zion as their ?mother church.?

Today, the Zionists (the Zulu term is amaZioni, meaning ?out of Zion?) embrace Christianity, but after many decades without access to Bibles and Bible training, this movement has become somewhat syncretistic in their beliefs. But Zionists are now requesting biblical training, and schools such as ZEBS (Zion Evangelical Bible Schools) and ZBC (Zion Bible College) were established to meet this need.

Primary Prayer Request:

If you would like to support this work, begin with prayer. Pray for the amaZioni, that God continue to fan the flame of revival here. We need prayer supporters, prayer warriors who will support us in this spiritual battle. If you like, you may choose to add financial support to your prayers. Additional financial resources help us serve more people, more effectively, Finally, we would love to be connected with others who are interested in this ministry. If God might be leading you to Africa, please connect with us to discuss this amazing opportunity!