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Last Edited: 26 November 2019


Eric and Mollie Kroner

Eric's Story

Born and raised in Wisconsin as the fifth of five boys, I followed my mom’s spiritual lead after a broken marriage led her to redemption and right relationship with Christ. We were baptized together at Elmbrook Church when I was in high school.

Unfortunately, I followed my father’s heritage of alcoholism, and walked away from God while at UW-Madison. This life led to emptiness and lack of hope; my dream of medical school deflated. It was then that I reconciled with God through brokenness of spirit and subsequently interned with Campus Crusade for Christ. At the same time, I learned much about Christian community while at Blackhawk Church. Ultimately, my desire to care for patients persisted, and God granted entrance into medical school.

In medical school, a mission trip to India revealed God’s heart for the underdeveloped world and the Gospel’s power to cross cultures. Following a love for children, I completed residency and fellowship in Pediatric Emergency Medicine. While at Meadowbrook, I began to understand that to walk with God is to Love Him and to Love People, in both word and deed.

Mollie's Story

I grew up in a church-going home in Minnesota, but never truly grasped what it meant to be a Christ-follower. I met Eric at UW-Madison and through him and the power of the Holy Spirit, I came to realize that my faith in God could be personal. It was then that I surrendered my life to Christ.

During our 2 month mission trip to India, God planted a seed in my heart and a burden to serve the lost and underserved. Just after this time, I became a mother and began to grasp God’s great love for His children. While mothering our 3 boys, my faith and knowledge of God grew. I learned much about myself as well.

Through the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement Course, my burden for those unreached with the message of the Gospel has grown exponentially. This has created within me a willingness to go; to go wherever and whenever His Spirit leads.


Eric (husband), Mollie (wife), Children:Quincy, Emmett, Nicholas

Ministry Focus

It is unlikely that Americans will ever be able to remove the picture of the Twin Towers from their memory or its association with radical Islam. But is this an accurate assessment of most Muslims? Absolutely not. And just as 9/11 taints American?s view of Muslims, much of the Islamic world views ?Christian? as synonymous with ?crusade?, militancy, or the decadent portions of American culture.The Ministry of Reconciliation seeks to alter the effects of such misconceptions. We believe that God desires right relationship with all people, between all people, and within all of creation. Just read the Sermon on the Mount. As Ambassadors of Christ we also desire that the name of Christ be known for sacrificial love, service, and hope. We desire people engage, not their preconceived notions, but the actual person of Christ as found in the Scriptures.Right relationship involves seeing people as an end in themselves. It means respecting and becoming a learner of their culture. It does not involve coercion or mere mental ascent to a new set of religious practices.

We are not ashamed of the Gospel as we believe it is the power of salvation for all people. Our goal is not to change Chadians into Westerners, but to share with them the love of God in Word and deed and allow them to discover and choose to follow the way of Isa al-Masih.

The People

We believe that God desires all things be restored; implying newness, hope, and thriving. The Kingdom of God which Christ spoke of was not just a future kingdom, but one which we as Christians are to advance now through unconditional love, servanthood, and even the willingness to suffer. To neglect a persons physical need, or coerce them into believing something in exchange for aid, flows from a flawed motivation. Therefore our ministry flows from our compassion for those suffering, to reveal God?s power to heal, to provide hope, and to establish rapport and trust from a skeptical people.