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Last Edited: 26 November 2019


Erin Allen

My Story

​I grew ​up in a Christian home. At a young age, I gave my life to God and truly loved Him and tried to live my life in obedience to Him. I wholeheartedly believe that children’s ministry is an amazing thing. The fact that the same God who made the galaxies and space so high above us that we can’t even comprehend them comes down and lives in the hearts of tiny little children still blows my mind!

But I know that some kids grow up confused about religion. Some are fed up and turned off by religion because of all the problems and heartache it has caused. While others think they are perfectly fine because they have religion. They go to church and “do the right things” and therefore think that they are right with God.

Both groups need to see the truth. They need someone to walk alongside them and show them that it’s not about religion but about a relationship with God, believing in Him and growing close with Him.

This is the burden that God has put on my heart: That the Irreligious AND the Religious lost would turn into passionate disciples of Jesus Christ.

Ministry Focus:

I will be working with Salt Factory Sports, a non-profit ministry in N. Ireland, to build relationships with youth through sports.

What Salt Factory Sports does:

“Using sport to bring people together, build relationships and see people of all ages become enthusiastic followers of Christ who are living contagious Christian lives.”

SFS website link: