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Jenn Hylton

My Story

I grew up in Ohio, studied in Memphis, Tennessee, and lived and worked in Hartford, Connecticut for 8 years before God brought me to serve as a missionary in Paris. God allowed me to be a part of two beautiful church families, both new church plants in Memphis and in Hartford. Who knew He was growing me up to be a missionary serving in church planting for all those years before I came to France to do just that!??

My career in cancer research has always been a source of joy and mission for me as well. God has made it possible for me to continue to serve in pediatric cancer research as part of my missionary life here in France. I serve the Global Neuroblastoma Network, helping physicians in developing countries find better treatments for children with neuroblastoma in countries with limited resources.


Ministry Focus:

I’m currently serving in youth ministry, one-on-one discipleship, and service leadership in a Parisian church plant. I am honored to be a part of helping French believers establish healthy churches so that all will have access to God’s Word and His Church.

I also serve as Member Care coordinator for TEAM France, building up and equipping our missionary family in France to help us all serve others from a place of strength rooted in Christ in our walks with Him.

Serving in hospitality, I welcome guests every month from all over the world who need food and lodging, a break or prayer, or all of the above. I have consistently been able to serve and care for dozens of people from all over the world by sharing my home in this way and pray one day God would allow me to do so on a bigger scale. (B&B in Paris, anyone?)

The People:

The country of France is a spiritually poor place, in stark contrast with it’s timeless beauty as a country. Millions of people have never held a Bible, or heard the gospel message of Jesus. This country thrives with culture, history, passion, art, industry, beauty in it’s land and it’s people, but needs access to God’s Word for hope, healing and freedom from spiritual poverty. I am anxious to get to this place to help bring love and light where there is a real need, to see lives changed because of Jesus

Primary Prayer Request:

Please pray for the monthly financial partnerships needed to continue this ministry. It’s your partnership that makes it possible for me to be here!

Please pray for continual growth in Christlikeness in me, and God’s Word to be central to all we do, for many more to know Him