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Last Edited: 13 January 2020


Kathleen King

My Story

Since I was a little girl, God has laid a passion for the nations on my heart. He used the legacy of missionary grandparents, two years living in South Korea as a child, and a mother who would spend hours sitting on the couch with me, reading missionary biographies, to start forming his call on my life. As I grew older and realized the deep need I had for forgiveness and grace in my life, along with my deepening awareness of the holiness and beauty of God, I was also convicted that my walk with God was not something that was about me or for me, but about him. Since Scripture shows that God’s purpose in the world is to bring people into a worshiping relationship with him, I pray that this will be the theme of my life as well.

I have been blessed to have Scripture as my anchor in a world that is marked by brokenness and tragedy. There are many people groups in the world that do not have Scripture available in their heart languages, and I would love to see more people have the same opportunity that I do to hear God’s words to them through Scripture, and God has led me to the work of Scripture translation.

In preparation for this ministry, I spent three years at Moody Bible Institute studying Applied Linguistics. During my studies, God used TEAM and mentors in my life to lead me to the country of Chad. I was able to spend three months there in 2017, and one of my fondest memories was sitting with a woman named Tabitha, who is not able to read, and reading Psalms to her in her own language. Seeing how deeply the words could touch her heart underscored my desire to see more people able to experience Scripture in that way.

I am now preparing for longterm service, and cannot wait to return to Chad! I pray that the transforming power of God’s Word will take root among the people group that I will be serving, a people group that God loves!

Ministry Focus:

I will be working on a translation project for a minority group so that they will have access to Scripture. I still have several years of language study and ahead of me, but I am excited for the opportunity that season will bring to develop relationships. I hope that translation will only be a part of my work, as there are no known believers among this group, and I would love to see the growth of the body take place through making disciples.

The People:

The people of Chad are a subsistence-level, agricultural based community that has no church in their language community. The main crops in the region are millet, peanuts, and rice, and cows and goats are the primary livestock. Life requires them to be tough and hardy–even getting water for daily life can take hours if there is no well in their village. Life has a slower pace than in the West, and Chadians take pleasure in sitting together under the stars and sharing stories in the evening.

Currently, there are no known believers among the people group where I will be working, and no permanent workers who are learning their language in order to share with them.

Primary Prayer Request:

Pray that God would provide the finances needed in order for me to join this ministry, that God would be working in the hearts of the people to be receptive to the Word, and that I will be able to build relationships with people, and that they will be willing to teach me their language and culture and bring me into their community.