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Kiersten Hutchinson


Cats- Chipo and Mittens

Ministry Focus:

I have served at Karanda Mission Hospital since 2000 doing primary care. We are a 130 bed surgical hospital located in the rural northeast corner of Zimbabwe. My days consist of morning rounds followed by the ‘required British tea break’. The rest of the day I see patients in the out patient department. Some common conditions include HIV, TB, and malaria as well as the more familiar hypertension, diabetes, and arthritis. Some of our common surgeries are hysterectomy, prostatectomy, hernia, C-section, V-P shunt insertion and fracture repairs.

Outside of the hospital work I have opportunities to build relationships through a weekly Bible study with the nursing students in my home, caring for several widows, and helping orphans go to school.

The People:

The major people group with whom I work is the Shona. Since we are in a rural area the traditional ways of life are still practiced. Many in our area live in mud brick huts, cook on fire, get water from a well, are subsistence farmers, and eat the staple food called ‘sadza’ which is a stiff corn porridge. They also may engage in polygamy, so multiple wives are not uncommon. Hospitality and maintaining good family relationships are high priorities. The Shona are open, friendly and quick to smile which is reflected in their love of singing and dancing.

Spiritually many practice ancestor worship and seek spiritists or prophets in order to navigate the spirit world. Christianity is also present but remains generally shallow and often becomes mixed with the traditions to result in a large cult called the Vapastori.

Primary Prayer Request:

Pray for wisdom as we seek to partner with the Zimbabwean Church in order to facilitate growth and maturity.

Pray for the village of Dzveya (said Jay ya) which is in the midst of fierce spiritual warfare.

Pray for the missionaries that we will be filled with God’s Love so that all that we do is done in Love. Too often I am overcome with the work load resulting in an attitude of frustration not Love.

Pray for the national nurses, chaplains an