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Last Edited: 08 February 2021


Linda Wagner

My Story

I came to live and work in Ireland in 1982 after taking a short-term mission trip there in 1980. I started out in church-planting, evangelism, youth work, and discipleship with women who were new Christians. Because of problems people were struggling with I ended up coming back to the states and got my masters degree in counseling in 1986. I came back to Ireland in 1988 to Swords (north county Dublin) to work with a young church there. I didn’t realize that God was changing the look of my ministry then also. Ever since then most of what I do has something to do with counseling. I hadn’t planned to be a counselor but God knew better what would fit me and what could be used there. I am so grateful that God would have work for me that He knew I would be so satisfied doing! He knows best!

I have a private counseling practice, train people in counseling and work with a local church–Swords Baptist Church.


My dog, Holly

Ministry Focus:

The private counseling practice is to help people with problems they have in themselves and with others. My desire in counseling is to help people in their journey to Christ and to help them know Him better.

My co-worker and I run a 2 year counseling training program training people to a professional level in counseling. Our heart is for the local church and helping to support it. Our purpose in training is to help equip the church to deal with the problems that are inevitably showing up because we are people living in a broken world.

I am also working with a local church in Swords

The People:

Irish people are fun and have a great sense of humor. Maybe that’s why they are so well-liked all over the world. But underneath that fun and laughter there is a great need for peace and security. For a number of reasons there has been a background of a lot of abuse-physically, sexually, emotionally, so people have such a need to understand what Christ did for them and to know His love and acceptance for them. They are religious but don’t know Him.

Times are very unstable in Europe and very much so in Ireland. Ireland had a few years of a booming economy that has now crashed. Things are unsure for so many people in Ireland today.

Primary Prayer Request:

1. Our church is moving into our own church building the end of October. It’s the first time we will have our own facility after 25 years of existence. Pray for people there to be receptive to the Gospel and us.

2. For the church as we adjust to new facilities and a new part of our journey. How are we to work in this new area?

3. Pray for growth in believers and for new believers

4. People I’m counseling with that they would know God more deeply in their lives and learn to love the way He loves

5. My neighbors, that I would have opportunity to share about God with them

6. Possible new workers coming to work with us short-term that it would be the right fit for all of us and that God would use their time well with us for them and for us too.