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Last Edited: 26 November 2019


Liz Guille

My Story

I believe my journey to the mission field began when my parents chose to name me Elizabeth – which means β€˜set apart for God.’ I grew up in a Christian family, gave my life to Christ at a young age, and committed myself to full-time ministry in high school. It has been an adventure to live the story as it has unfolded!

I grew up hearing about missions at church and took part in local mission trips. It was not until college at Taylor University where I felt drawn to go on an overseas mission trip. God used a mission trip to Europe and attendance at Urbana mission conference to lay the foundation for the future. A year after I graduated from college, God led me to go to West Africa. I spent two years in Ghana, one year in Guinea-Bissau, and spent time working in the home office of the organization I was with helping missionaries get to the field and doing member care. I also spent many years putting my undergraduate degree to good use in youth ministry.

About 5 years ago I started to feel restless. I have learned in my life when that happens God is usually up to something. It seemed God was leading me to go back to school – which I was not that excited about! πŸ™‚ But – I am happy to say that in May 2013 I received a Certificate in Christian Formation and Soul Care, and in May 2017 graduated with a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling – both from Denver Seminary.

A pattern throughout my life has been my desire to serve other people. Listening, helping to problem solve, praying for, and just walking along side people is something that comes naturally to me. It was during my time in West Africa when God began to show me the need to care for the missionaries I was working with and meeting along the way. I am excited to be at a place now where my experience, training, and passion will all be used in the ministry God has for me in Southern Africa!

Ministry Focus:

I will live in Durban, South Africa and serve as the Regional Member Care Coordinator. I will be a support to over 50 TEAM missionaries in Mozambique, South Africa, Swaziland, and Zimbabwe, and my role will consist of traveling to the missionaries where they are, as well as keeping up with them via technology. My training in spiritual formation and counseling will be put to good use as I walk with the missionaries in both proactive holistic health and in crisis. I will also be involved in the local church and spreading the Gospel in the community in which I will be living.

Primary Prayer Request:

Please pray:

– For God to go before me to give me favor in the community I will live in and with the missionaries I will serve.

– For all of the preparation to go the field – language learning, spiritual preparation, various member care trainings, travel, goodbyes, moving, etc.

– For support raising – I am praying toward being in South Africa within the first few months of 2018. Prayers for a full prayer team, great donor relationships, and all of the funds to come in.

Thank you!