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Last Edited: 13 April 2020


Mary Stone

God’s fingerprints are imprinted all over my life.

Reading missionary biographies, I realized people were dying without knowing about Jesus Christ’s death on the cross for them. That was my call to missionary service, at the age of 7.

My whole life, I have loved Christ with passion and desired to please Him in all I do.

In every season of my life in Chad, I have seen miracles of His protection and His provision for me.

As the needs to evangelize the oil fields opened up, I needed a truck (for 6 years I used a local motorcycle). My Chadian friends prayed, and God provided a truck, which I put 1,000’s of miles on before that 2nd furlough.

My last visit to the oil field with my Chadians brothers, the truck stopped (remember, in 2002 no cell phones and no AAA). The commuting workers’ buses all raced by, bathing us in dust. Then the security car stopped saying, “we couldn’t stay there, just the week before there was violent banditry in that spot”. I stepped out of the truck, hoping for a flat tire. The pin holding the rear axle to the rear tires was sheared off and the truck sat on the tire…. What to do? I couldn’t tow it…. We 3 prayed. Finally, we pushed the truck back 20 yards and spent the night under the stars at the security outpost. All night, I reminded God that the situation was impossible, so it needed His miracle. The next day, I walked to the base and begged grace (it was against policy to help “non” oil vehicles). The atheist mechanic saw the verses on my truck and swore! He never wanted to help a Christian! God kept him free from repair calls for 3 hours, while he fixed the truck for our 65 mile trip back to Moundou. God did so many miracles, even giving a Bible to a French man, hungry for truth.

Initiation is the “rite of passage” from youth to manhood involving secret demonic covenants and sacrifices. In 2007, 4 Chadian pastors ask me to join them in making a movie drama exposing initiation. The 5 of us, plus 45 actors, were ready to die if necessary, to expose Satan’s lies. During that 3 year period, there were many attempts to kill different ones of us. One whole village (including the evangelist’s wife), turned against Michel, seeking to poison and kill him! Michel, spent the whole day in prayer and God exposed their plot. Another time, the initiation chief put a curse on him, causing Michel to go blind. Pt. Daniel and Justin spent hours in prayer, Michel received back his sight and the chief went blind….

I learned film-making, editing, lighting, sound and more.

The Deliverance:

God is calling me to return to Chad. He has taught me to use my limited strength to walk in humility. Paul says, “when I am weak, then IN HIM, I am strong” (2 Cor 12:9-10).
The Lord invites me to encourage the national church (EET – Evangelical Church of Chad) who divided over power and “the right to lead” 3 years ago. They wrestle with the pain of division, forgiveness, and lack of reconciliation.
I will continue to teach in one Bible school. I will also use Walk Thru the Bible as a tool to help them learn their Old Testament better.