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Last Edited: 26 November 2019


Mary Stone

My Story

At the age of 5, I went to Vacation Bible School. Being too shy, I went home that afternoon to ask Mom how i could invite Christ into my life.

While reading missionary biographies, I realized that people were dying all over the world without Jesus Christ. At the age of 7, I asked the Lord if He would let me be a missionary to tell others about His love. (God held that call in my life as I grew up).

During a campfire at Church camp, I realized the only way to know deeply the heart of my Savior was to read His Word daily. This commitment has made all the world in my spiritual life and growth!

My 2nd year in Bible College, the Lord asked me if I would still follow Him as a missionary, if He didn’t give me a husband. it was a time of soul-searching, but soon, I said to the Lord, “I have never wanted to follow You half-way, either I follow You completely, or not at all!” I am grateful for His question and desire placed within my heart to follow Him with all my heart, soul, mind and strength. It’s a life-long learning process, but He is a Faithful Teacher!

I arrived in Chad in 1994, after 15 months in Quebec learning French. Life in Chad has been an adventure in learning about myself (“humility 101”). It’s been a privilege to learn to love the Chadians and God uses them to teach me so much. It’s been a great honor to learn to need and depend on God daily as I live and serve in Chad.


Single. My parents, brothers, their wives and children all love the Lord!

Ministry Focus:

God put into my heart the need to write brochures which address the Chadian’s spiritual needs and then teach in the bush throughout southern Chad. As we spend a week in several villages, we teach during the day and then show films (like the Jesus film and African films). Showing films is a way to reach beyond the church community and touch the unsaved in a village. In Chad most villages are without electricity, (often no safe drinking water either), so when a film is put up on a 9’x6′ screen, the world comes running to see something new.

God opened the door 5 years ago and asked me to help my Chadian brothers make a drama on initiation (the rite of passage from youth to manhood – that involves ancestral oaths). Because this film was made in a spirit of prayer and sacrifice, God has greatly used it to break the chains of darkness in this country. The Deliverance the English version

God challenged Daniel, to write a drama on hygiene, because people are dying from poor traditional belief systems. We finished this film in July ’12. The Warrior

I seek to be great encourager of the Godly Chadian pastors and to help them in their service to others.

The Lord has given me a great love for the Chadians and I would love to invite you to come to Chad and spend 3 months to 2 years learning to listen to God in a fresh and new way and learning to love the Chadian people.

The People:

There are 127+ languages in Chad. The Gospel came to Chad for the first time in the 1920’s. Many southern tribes in Chad are weak in their faith and their love and knowledge of Jesus Christ. We need a revival among the believers, so that they will let go of their ancestral dependance to help them in times of trouble. As God’s Spirit wakes up the Church of Chad, it will be easier to reach out to the unsaved throughout the country.

Many tribes have never heard of Christ and others have a faulty understanding of Who Christ is.

Primary Prayer Request:

I’m on furlough until August 2013. Pray for God’s renewing strength during this time.

Back in Chad, I will begin learning a new language and culture to better serve a different part of Chad. Pray for aptness and humility in language learning.