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Nancy Leet

My Story

God got ahold of my heart when I was a teenager; not just with a desire to follow Him, but a willingness that grew into a strong sense of calling, to leave my home and go to a different place, language, culture with the gospel.

I came to Taiwan with little ministry background or experience. I have learnt over the years that God is faithful to teach and grow those who belong to Him. The most important element is a humble and teachable heart.

Taiwan is a beautiful country and a wonderful place to live –but the existing church, while growing, is still not effectively reaching a large portion of society who are bound by traditional religion and worldview. There is much to be done here and we are praying that God will send workers to join us in the harvest.


I am single, but have a large family of local friends

Ministry Focus:

My passion is to see people who have come to know Christ as their Savior and Lord, grow into radically obedient followers (disciples) who are able to teach and train others.

I came to Taiwan in 1980 and the focus of my ministry activity over these years has been primarily in two areas: teaching and training people to study the Bible inductively and promoting/developing a youth camp ministry (Trailblazer Camps) in Taiwan.

For the last few years I have been involved in the leadership of TEAM Taiwan, serving as the Ministry Area Leader. God has given us in Taiwan a fresh vision of how we might be used by Him here to see Taiwan transformed as a result of a growing number of disciples from every area of society who are truly loving God and showing others how to love Him.

The People:

Taiwan has a huge variety of people groups: indigenous tribal groups, Chinese from China’s Fukien province who moved over several hundred years ago (known as Taiwanese), Hakka Chinese, more recent immigrants (around 1949) from all over China as well as foreign workers from other parts of Asia (Philippines, Viet Nam, Thailand, and Indonesia).

Primary Prayer Request:

Please pray that God would send us some team members for our Ministry Initiative to the grassroots population in the city of Kaohsiung. This team desires to bring the love of Christ to the homeless, hurting, poor of the city through mercy ministries.