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Last Edited: 17 January 2020


Scott and Caitlin Andrews

My Story

Although I have intellectually assented to Christ’s saviorhood and sovereignty since early childhood (my parents are devout and raised me accordingly), three major incidents stand out in my arrival at true dedication to Christ. The first two occurred in my elementary years: about age seven I had a sudden bout of spiritual zeal and felt personally enlisted in “the Lord’s Army,” a feeling which never left but was understandably vague as regards follow-through. A few years later I had what would be characterized by some as a vision of the spiritual battlefield, strewn with the broken and bleeding; by this horror the reality and urgency of the spiritual realm was made frighteningly real in my life.

However, I became stereotypically self-focused as adolescence approached. The innocent fervor I held at first had turned to experimental rebellion by my junior-high years. I developed considerable strongholds in my heart, not least of which were a proclivity toward deceit and an appetite for deviance. In such a condition I was confronted with the power of God’s mercy and the unapproachable glory of His holiness while attending a Christian summer camp associated with our denomination in 1997. That week I rededicated my life to Christ and undertook the task of working out my own salvation with fear and trembling, a process which continues to this day.

In response to God’s unceasing faithfulness I have chosen Luke 9: 23-26 as my personal mantra (‘life verse’): “If anyone wishes to be a follower of mine, he must leave self behind; day after day he must take up his cross, and come with me. Whoever cares for his own safety is lost; but if a man will let himself be lost for my sake, that man is safe. What will a man gain by winning the whole world, at the cost of his true self? For whoever is ashamed of me and mine, the Son of Man will be ashamed of him, when he comes in his glory and the glory of the Father and the holy angels.”


Scott (husband), Caitlin (wife)

Ministry Focus:

To engage and administer grace to the people of the Czech Republic who have dismissed Jesus Christ as irrelevant to twenty-first century life. Having completed our language training and internship, we are now making disciples and working with a new church plant in Prague (Network Praha) as well as many other ministries (including anti-trafficking).

Primary Prayer Request:

Pray that the Holy Spirit would give me grace and power to fruitfully pursue and proclaim

the freedom of God with authority,

the knowledge of God with humility,

the justice of God with mercy,

and the wisdom of God with wonder,

by picking up my cross and following Christ in community with others.