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Last Edited: 24 April 2019


Stella Cox

My Story

I have been in Japan for 65 years (as of 2017). Together with my husband, Ralph, we have planted churches in Western Japan and endeavored in various evangelistic ministries. I used to teach cooking classes for 40 years and published 3 cookbooks and also my life story. I have also started an annual Ladies’ Luncheon in the early 60s and just held our 54th Ladies’ Luncheon. For 15 years, I had an annual Hospitality Seminar in Karuizawa (where TEAM has a seminary house).

My husband went to heaven in 2008, and I have written his life story, which is available online. The name of the book is “One Man’s Vision for Japan”. He had a vision to plant 100 churches in Japan, and at present, by God’s grace, there are 60 some remaining. Among them, there are 40 some churches with land, building and pastor.

During his 55 years of ministry and church planting, we have had more than 60 Japanese go into full time Christian work. We used short termers (probably hundreds!) as a means of starting churches and from that number, approximately 50 came back to Japan as career missionaries. Some are still here, and others are scattered in different countries.

I am still trying to reach lost souls in Japan with various ministries.


Three children: Craig Cox, Galen Cox, Sheri Abbott

Ministry Focus:

I am involved in six church plants in Takamatsu area working with a team of two missionaries couples and two Japanese pastors. I teach women’s Bible classes in my home, twice a month. I am involved with several other ministries such as English Cafe, a weekly university students’ meeting and an annual Ladies’ Luncheon (which has been ongoing for 50 years). I sometimes return to the churches which my late husband and I planted (some 20, 30, 40 years ago) to speak at their anniversary celebrations. It’s a joy to see how those churches have grown, and have new buildings. I do hospital visitations as well as visiting elderly people in their homes for Bible study. I often have guests who stay in my home.

The People:

The Japanese people hold on very strongly to their traditions and culture, and this sometimes makes it difficult for them to accept a new thing such as a God who loves us unconditionally. They are taught evolution in high schools and basically do not believe in a Creator God. Many Japanese are Buddhists in practice only. There are also Japanese who subscribe to Shinto religion, which originated in Japan and is a form of animism.

Japan has become quite modern, and have taken on many common Western customs, but still hold on to their tradition of ancestral worship. They are very polite, and are very conscious of hierarchy, and this can be seen in their speech and mannerisms.

In my 60 years here, Japan has changed from a 3rd world country to a modern society. Some for the good, and some for the bad.

Primary Prayer Request:

1. Pray that I will be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit in reaching out to the Japanese people with the Gospel.

2. Pray for the literature that I pass out monthly, that the truth of Jesus Christ will penetrate into their hearts for belief.

3. Pray for more workers to come to this harvest field. We need short termers and career missionaries.