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Stephen and Kaytlin Brock

Stephen's Story

I find it’s such a blessing to look back on my life and see the hands of the God of creation so intimately involved in the shaping of it. I grew up in Maryland, on the outskirts of the Washington, D.C. area and led a pretty carefree childhood. My parents were faithful attenders of a missions minded church and would often host missionaries in our home which made a big impression on me as a child.

Though I already had done some smaller domestic missionary trips, I was sixteen when I was able to go on my first overseas missions trip to the Philippines and Japan. The Lord used this trip to drastically change the course of my life. I left, staring back at Tokyo’s Narita Airport from my window seat, with a purpose set in my young heart to return to Japan as a missionary for the sake of my Savior’s name in the hearts and minds of the Japanese people who so desperately need to know Him. It was also on this trip that I met a girl named, Kaytlin, who became my wife after several years of God weaving our lives together through no purpose of our own.

In the many years since that trip I have grown from an impulsive kid who wanted to leave home and move to Japan before even finishing high school to a family man with many responsibilities and relationships that would normally tie a person to a particular place in life, yet the call that sixteen year old boy received from God sitting alone on a plane leaving Tokyo remains. Although the road of my life has taken many unexpected turns, I see that it has been on a steady course set by my God and Captain, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Kaytlin's Story

“God is closing in on some of you. He is like the ‘Hound of Heaven’ who means to make you far happier in some dangerous and dirty work. Missionaries and ministers of mercy don’t come from nowhere. They come from people like you, stunned by the glory of God and stopped in your tracks. Sometimes it happens when you are going in exactly the opposite direction.” -John Piper, Don’t Waste Your Life

I was working as a therapeutic aid in an elementary school classroom when I first read the above quote by John Piper. I felt as if John Piper was speaking directly to me. I had an idea of what a missionary was – WHO a missionary was- and I knew I was not that person. Yet while reading Piper’s words, I felt God nudging my heart to the possibility that it could be me. I felt God reassuring me that He would qualify me, He would help prepare me. I knew that I just needed to be willing.

To be completely honest, setting out to be a long term missionary overseas was very scary at first. It’s still daunting! I know that God will give me grace and strengthen me for what He has called our family to do.

Along with my husband Stephen, we are preparing to be church planting missionaries in Japan. Our goal is to build relationships with the Japanese people and help show them the love of Christ.

I am passionate about social justice and hope to use that passion to reach out to Japanese women. I believe that evangelism and discipleship are done through relationships.

I attended Word of Life Bible Institute in Schroon Lake, NY and received a Bachelor’s in Bible and Counseling from Summit University in Clarks Summit, PA.


Stephen (husband), Kaytlin (wife), Children: Scarlett (2011) and Ivy (2015)

Ministry Focus:

We are currently living and ministering in Central Pennsylvania in a variety of ways with our local church as we raise support to head to Japan.

The People:

Japan is a country wrapped in neon darkness. Though it is every bit a first world country with a strong economy and obvious technical achievement, the Gospel has not gripped its people or their culture. The Christians there total less than one percent of its 128 million person population. Hopelessness, immorality and pantheism have trapped a kind, beautiful and hardworking people in abject spiritual poverty. Suicide and a growing epidemic of acute social withdrawal pervade a society that desperately and unconsciously longs for the life of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Primary Prayer Request:

Please pray that we would be wise and compassionate as we raise support to go to Japan. We are excited to meet other believers and develop stronger relationships with those we already know as we do so. We wish to be as much a blessing to them as they will be to us.