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Steve and Anthea Love

Steve's Story

The Lord’s call on my life started when I was a very young boy. At the age of about eight or nine years, all of the neighborhood boys in our area would meet in an old abandoned well house on our family property to meet for bible study and prayer on Saturday mornings. We would park our bicycles outside of the well house and meet for about thirty minutes or so before we would go ride our bikes. While my theology may have been young and developing, the Lord gave me a burden for my lost friends and I felt compelled to share what I was learning about Jesus.

When I was about ten years old, Andre Mboi – a pastor from the Central African Republic – was speaking at our church and left a dramatic impression on my life. After the message he gave me a gift that I have managed to carry with me for 26 years as a reminder of his ministry in the C.A.R. Since that time, there has been a subtle desire to visit or even live somewhere in Africa. Even then, unknown to me at the time, the Lord was molding me for the ministry He has for my family now.

As a result of God’s moving in my life, I have been involved in part time youth ministry for about sixteen years while working in the commercial heating and air conditioning industry. The Lord has allowed me to be a part of many different ministries including youth ministry, pastoral ministry, worship ministry, and small group ministry which has helped prepare me for the ministry set before my family and me.

Fast forward to August 2001 where I met my wife Anthea at Columbia International University whose home was back in Zimbabwe, Africa. I had the privilege of flying over to Zimbabwe to meet her parents as well as the locals in the area. That burning desire for Africa that I had as a child began to resurface as I reflected on the needs of this beautiful country and her people. The Lord began massaging my heart and placing in me a passion for the Zimbabwean people back in 2009 – 2010. Without sharing with anyone our thoughts, Anthea and I took a year to quietly pray as to how the Lord could use us in Zimbabwe. After that year, we spoke to a missionary family in Zimbabwe and found out that they too had been praying through that year for our family and how the Lord could use us in Zimbabwe.

Anthea's Story

I was born and raised on a farm in Zimbabwe, Africa. I grew up in a Christian family and we were blessed to be surrounded by TEAM missionaries who were active in our lives. At the age of 15 I went on a youth camp that was led by Tom and Lois Jackson (TEAM missionaries), and it was at this camp that I committed my life to Christ. This was to be the beginning of my spiritual journey.

After High School I flew over to the States and attended Columbia International University, in Columbia, South Carolina. I graduated C.I.U with my Undergraduate and Master’s degrees. It was here that I met my husband, Steve. We were later on married.

I always knew in my heart that we would someday return to my home land, as my heart has never left this place. God confirmed this when just a few years ago He opened a number of doors for us and made it clear that this was where He wanted us! We will be working with the HIV/Aids orphans.


Steve (husband), Anthea (wife), Children: Iain, Fiona, and Callah.

Ministry Focus:

We will engage the church in Zimbabwe by encouraging and equipping them to become the hands and feet of Jesus to their own people. We will do this by connecting the church in Zimbabwe with other initiatives in the area such as Foundations for Farming, Reach 4Life, Hands of Hope, as well as others. In this partnership with the church, our focus will be to accurately handle the Word of God in sharing the gospel to the people and by practically meeting the needs of those infected, affected, and at risk by HIV/ AIDS.

The People:

Zimbabwe is made up of over 40 different people groups who face a variety of challenges. Hyperinflation (at one point calculated at 230 million percent) and a high unemployment of over 95% eventually caused the abandonment of the Zimbabwean dollar and the use of the US dollar.

Source: Mandryk, Jason. Operation World: The Definitive Prayer Guide to Every Nation. Downers Grove: InterVarsity Press, 2011.

Shona is the primary language in Zimbabwe while English is commonly practiced as the nation?s trade language.

The AIDS pandemic in Zimbabwe is one of the world?s worst cases. There are still over 2000 people dying per week and there are roughly one million orphans in the country who still need assistance.

Source: Mandryk, Jason. Operation World: The Definitive Prayer Guide to Every Nation. Downers Grove: InterVarsity Press, 2011.

The challenges that Zimbabwe faces are not limited to any one people group or any socioeconomic group. These people are warm, loving, and a joy to be around. God loves the people of Zimbabwe. God gave His son Jesus for these most wonderful people.

Primary Prayer Request:

As we continue in our support development, we are praying for continued financial partners and prayer partners who feel the Lord leading them to join with us in a long term ministry partnership to the Zimbabwean people.

We are praying for our three children as they adjust to new schedules, inconsistent routines, and the frustration of being separated from their friends.

We are humbly praying for the Lord to use us in ways that bring glory to Him through our ministry in Zimbabwe. We are praying for creative ways to practically minister to the needs of the Zimbabwean people as well as our ministry and leadership to our own children. We are praying that the Lord will have mercy on Zimbabwe and that He would raise up godly leaders. We also pray for the emotional, physical, and spiritual healing of the country as lives are transformed by the gospel of Christ.