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Last Edited: 26 November 2019


Tim and Aileen Selander

My Story

Tim and Aileen Selander first went to Japan under TEAM’s two-year associate program in 1981, to work with the Pacific Broadcasting Association (PBA) in Tokyo. In 1983, they switched to career status with TEAM, and after getting additional schooling, returned in 1985.


Tim (husband), Aileen (wife), Children: Nicholas, April

Ministry Focus:

Tim has worked in radio and TV production with PBA, both as on-air personality, as well as behind the scenes as cameraman, recording engineer and editor. PBA’s focus is on programming aimed at unbelievers, that churches around Japan use as part of their own outreach. Tim also works with BJapan, a smaller radio ministry that produces programming to help Christians become more deeply rooted in scriptures. BJapan’s programming has been aired over cable, satellite radio and the internet.

Aileen has worked primarily in the local community and their local church in women’s and children ministries. She also teaches at a local private school, and has been involved in the management and direction of several TEAM projects in Japan by working on their boards and steering committees.

The People:

The Japanese area delightful people to work among and with. However, as a whole the Japanese are not very responsive to the gospel. In general, it usually takes several years from first contact, until a person believes, is baptized and joins the church. Due to differences in how Asian cultures respond to questionnaires, how the questions are asked, and how the answers are interpreted, claims of anywhere from 1% to 5% of the population are made for the numbers of Japanese Christians. Perhaps a more accurate assessment can be made by the actual numbers of Japanese attending Protestant church services — about 0.25% of Japan’s 127 million people.

Primary Prayer Request:

Please pray for an outpouring of the Spirit upon Japan! We would love to see the steady trickle of Japanese who trust in the Savior to become a mighty flood!