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Last Edited: 24 April 2019


Tim and Tammy Evans

Tim's Story

I was lost living in America. I had grown up in Brazil since I was six years old, loved that magnificent land, the friendly people, and the fun language of Portuguese. My parents had gone to Brazil when I was six years old to plant churches with a passion to evangelize the Brazilian people. But, now I was lost in a country I knew little of.

One cold day in December with snow on the ground I was forced to park my car and walk the streets of Mason, Michigan trying to sell insurance from door to door. There was no more money for gas and I had no money for my rent or groceries. I had strong feelings of failure, loneliness, and fears of not making in on my own.

I did make it through the winter and it now was spring. The new grass was a mint green and the air fresh. I was driving up the lovely highway to St. Johns where I would try selling for the day. I turned off the expressway and headed up a country road. I passed a little church where the pastor had gotten out of his car and was walking into the front door. The image warmed my heart. I was praying for God’s blessing over my day and contemplating the pastor I had passed minutes ago. At that moment, I sensed God in a powerful way! I had to pull over to the side of the road, ceased with uncontrollable weeping. The insecurities, uncertainties, and loneliness all came bubbling out as I told the Lord that I would do whatever He wanted with my life! I wanted to impact this world. My heart for the first time was totally surrendered to whatever He desired. I understood what was going on. God was saying, give your life to ME and prepare to return to Brazil, the land of your upbringing!”

With literally $10 in my pocket I left the next month to prepare myself for ministry. I was going to be a church planter, so I thought. Through 4 years of college and 3 years of seminary, God transformed a timid man into a man with boldness, a man lost with no future into a man with a dream and a vision. I had a purpose and I was on fire for the Lord!

As my vision for the world grew I began to ask the question, “if still half the world still had not heard of Christ, should I really be going back to Brazil?” My heart began to ponder this question and the uncertainty grew as I learned that after 150 years of missions, churches had been planted by the 10’s of thousands all across Brazil. The Brazilian church planter had a few things to teach me about church planting and ministry. So, why was I not going to Africa or Asia? Was I just going back to Brazil because I knew the language and it was familiar? I became very irritated one day at a brother who challenged me not to return to Brazil because other places of the world needed missionaries more badly that Brazil did! “How could these people say this? How could they make some fields of higher priority?” I felt threatened by the comments, but, down deep in my soul I asked the same question.

One day soon after graduating from seminary I came to the realization that I could not continue on the path of my present vision. If indeed God was leading my wife and me to Brazil, it must be for a larger purpose. I thought, “if I we were to dedicate our lives to reaching the unreached, that would be a great priority. But, what if I were to encourage 10 Brazilians to reach the unreached? Now, that would be strategic! But, what if I were to actually be responsible to send 10 Brazilians to the less reached areas of the world?” I began to dream and see myself leading others into a vision for World Evangelization.

An excitement began to swell within me. A new and more mature vision for my life and ministry had emerged. Now after 22 years, I contemplate the amount of time Tammy and I still have in Brazil. I wonder if God would use us to train and send more Brazilians into less reached areas of the world. I yearn to see Brazilians in areas of the world now hostile to North Americans, places where the Brazilian and their friendly relational way will open doors, places where the Brazilian can impact a fragile life which has never heard of Jesus Christ!c



Ministry Focus

We want to share our lives so that others may spend eternity with Jesus Christ. Tammy and I can?t think of a better way to spend the only life we have! Many have come along side of us as these past 21 years. They are our partners in ministry. They have walked alongside of us all these years empowering us in this exciting and highly strategic ministry.

We have reached deep into Mozambique, East Africa to share the story of Jesus. People in Uruguay, South America, Muslims in populated South Asia, Portugal and peoples from other less-reached places have come to embrace Christ. This has happened not because we have gone but because we?ve trained and sent Brazilians who have in turn shared their lives in tangible and sacrificial ways.

Tammy and I have committed our lives to increasing the total number of Cross-cultural missionaries world wide through the mobilization of the Brazilian Church. There are 1000?s of churches in Brazil who need coaching in how to become involved in World Missions! They are inexperienced, having never been taught how to send a missionary, support and participate in a project, nor pray for world evangelization!

Our vision is to mentor Brazilian churches and the zeal of their Brazilian missionaries. We partner with them, mentoring and coaching them. This allows Brazilians to share the story of Jesus Christ to less-reached villages and cities of the nations. We are bringing Brazlian churches into full maturity as they learn that they too must invest their lives and resources so that we may finish the task of evangelizing the world. All Brazilian missionaries we mentor raise 100% of their support from Brazilian resources!

Because the Brazilian is multi-ethnic and from a politically neutral country, many of our missionaries can minister in parts of the world where one from North America cannot!

Our experience over the past 20 years as career missionaries has lead us to co-found a Brazilian mission agency committed to serve, coach, and teach the churches of Brazil to have a greater involvement in world evangelization. In just under six years we have sent 26 long-term Brazilian missionaries who are sharing their lives with the less-reached. Our goal is to send 100!

In order for us to train and send 100 we are asking God to help us build a missions campus in Anapolis, Brazil. Here we are preparing facilities to equip, send, and care for all current and future missionaries. We are asking Christians and churches from North America to share their abilities, resources, experience, finances, and relationships.

We left for Brazil 20 years ago with the firm belief that those from long-sending countries should invest in the church that has grown astronomically in the Global South. In South America, Asia, and Africa the evangelical church is young and expanded. We need to invest in their maturation as they learn to become major partners with us in world evangelization!

Tammy and I are committed to increasing the total number of cross-cultural missionaries world wide through the mobilization of the Brazilian church. We are doing this as we mentor the zeal of the Brazilian missionary who is sharing their life with those in villages, cities, and communities among the less-reached. Some serve in in most dangerous places, from malaria infested Africa to terrorist populated regions.

To sum it up, this is what I?m saying. American Churches have shared their lives with us so that we could share our lives with Brazilians. These Brazilians are now sharing their lives with thousands in less-reached areas. In this way, one equals many.

Will you join us by sharing your life and resources?

The People

Because the Brazilian is multi-ethnic and from a politically neutral country, many of our missionaries can minister in parts of the world where one from North America cannot!