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Officially known as the Hellenic Republic or Hellas, Greece is located on the southeastern tip of Europe. This small nation boasts a population of only 11 million people, yet it is well known as the birthplace of Western civilization, democracy, philosophy and literature, as well as modern medicine, the university system and the Olympics. Standing at the crossroads of Europe, Africa and Asia, Greece has been a land of migration, movement and refugees for thousands of years — and will be for years to come.

Why we serve:

Greece is known for its rich history and unmatched impact on all of Western civilization. But it’s also celebrated for its beauty, hospitality and slow pace of life, especially on the islands. Although this small nation is only a bit larger than the State of Illinois, it has as much coastline to manage and protect as the United States.

Greece is and has been a land of immense change, challenge, and suffering. Located where East collides with West, it is situated to play a strategic role in geopolitics. Spiritually, however, it is a land of great need.

The Greek Orthodox church is a strong and, generally, a good influence on Greek society. However, it needs reformation and renewal — a return to the power of the Gospel of grace. The nation unknowingly thirsts for truth, just as in Acts 17, when Paul observed their thirst for the unknown God. In this respect, little has changed, and Greece remains a land of idolatrous endeavors.

Currently, the evangelical community in Greece is estimated at about 25,000–35,000 people, making it less than .5% percent evangelical. The majority reside in Greece’s capital, Athens, and its second-largest city, Thessaloniki.

Greece offers many opportunities to see the Church ignited and strengthened and the Gospel of Jesus Christ brought to every island, region and village of Greece. TEAM missionaries are working with several Greek evangelical churches and like-hearted agencies to strengthen the Church and equip believers to reach the Greek people and the peoples within Greece’s borders.

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