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Ukraine is positioned at the crossroads between Western Europe and the Middle East and Asia, and the nation is in the midst of a transition from a post-Soviet society to a post-modern European nation. The religious landscape is dominated by the Eastern Orthodox Church, which offers more ritual and identity than a spiritual relationship with God. People are seeking to meet their spiritual needs through new age pursuits and experimenting with cults. TEAM missionaries are establishing indigenous, culturally sensitive, reproducing churches in the southwestern region of Ukraine while coaching national church planters and working with youth and sports ministry leaders.

A Post-Communism Society Lost in Confusion

Imagine a society that for decades has been kept in the dark in regards to the outside world, then suddenly… the doors are flung open and the world is welcomed? Imagine all of the new-found options: foods (exotic choices), clothes (every kind of style), business ideas (take your pick), and religion (any flavor you like).

To some, this may sound like freedom from the oppression of Communism, but for many here it means a new world of choices: some good, and many bad. For decades Ukrainians had their choices made for them. Everyone was the same – simple and similar. The problem with so much choice now is a lack of ability to discern.

With unlimited choices and an underdeveloped moral code, Ukrainians are sucking up all that western materialism has to offer including every flavor of religion and pop-psychology from around the globe. Add in severe corruption and you have a modern-day version of survival of the fittest. Into this dark world, Jesus is growing His church – from the ground up.

Ukraine Initiatives


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Petrovka Church

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