mid-term missionary work

Mid-Term Missionary Work

Are you ready to go beyond the mission trip? 

Are you wondering how to take the first step toward long-term missions? Mid-term missionary work with TEAM will put you on a missionary team for one to two years, provide you with mentorship from an experienced field missionary, and teach you missional living in the midst of a culture that doesn’t know Christ. So whether you’re preparing for long-term missions or just looking for something longer than the short-term experience, mid-term missionary work with TEAM is the way to go.

Browse our mid-term missionary work opportunities listed below to explore ways you could serve with us.

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Quick Facts

    Length of Service
  • 9 months-2 years

  • Where
  • 33 countries, 6 continents

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Browse Mid-Term Missionary Work Opportunities

By Area


  • Growing relationship with Christ 
  • Desire to be trained in ministry 
  • Ability and willingness to serve on a team from 9 months up to 2 years

What It Involves

  • Learning local language and culture 
  • Contributing to the ministry of an established team 
  • Health benefits provided

Training Provided

  • Establishing and maintaining a support team 
  • Evangelism, discipleship, and leadership development 
  • On-field language and culture learning 
  • Personal mentorship with an experienced missionary (where available)

Key Dates