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Find Your Fit on the Mission Field

The TEAM world is full of opportunities for aspiring missionaries like you. So, we’re shining a spotlight on some of our favorites. Check out this week’s featured missionary opportunity — and explore previous opportunities at the bottom of the page. If you find one you like, we’d love to answer your questions and help you make it happen!
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Cattle Ranch Manager – Southeast Asia

Do you love agriculture, animals and making disciples? Why not use that passion to share the Gospel in Southeast Asia? You’ll serve in local villages, developing Gospel-centered relationships as you teach animal husbandry, nutrition, and herd and pasture management. The ranch you’ll serve on is intended to be a live classroom. It creates much-needed jobs for locals and supports ongoing ministry in the area, including discipleship ministries, theological education and more.

You’ll have ample opportunities to share the Gospel and train up new believers in Christ. This will happen as you work with livestock, coffee trees, orange trees, organic crops and aquaponics. The funds you help generate will fund programs reaching women, children and teens in small villages, as well as training and discipling college students who are being trained as pastors and teachers in Muslim communities.

As a cattle ranch manager, you’ll get to directly disciple individuals and equip others to make disciples — all while using your God-given passion for agriculture.

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  • Bachelors degree or extensive documented agricultural management experience
  • Substantial proven experience in ranch and farm management and animal management
  • Gifted in discipleship

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Your coach will help you explore possibilities that fit your skills and interests, as well as answering all your questions about TEAM. If we’re not the right fit, we’ll try to point you to the next best steps in your missionary journey.

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Launch Intensive – North Africa

Do you have a passion to see God glorified in every nation? Are you interested in using your skills or profession to grow His kingdom abroad? Set in North Africa, Launch Intensive is designed to propel aspiring missionaries into a lifetime of bi-vocational service.

You’ll experience culture immersion by living with a host family from the target culture and engaging in everyday events (daily meals, family activities, etc.). You’ll study the local Arabic dialect through daily class time with native teachers. You’ll also have daily culture sessions to help you learn how to purposefully explore a new culture.

Ultimately, the goal of this intensive program is to help you understand what long-term missions can look like. So, you’ll get opportunities to learn what God is doing in this part of the world — and beyond — so you can consider what role you might play. We will help you explore God’s heart for the lost and take solid steps toward a future in cross-cultural ministry.

TEAM is now accepting applicants for Launch Intensive’s 2021 class!

Trekking Coordinator – Peru

Home to Machu Picchu, the Colca Canyon, and countless other trails and views, Peru is the perfect place for hikers to experience God’s beautiful creation. Established missionaries in Southern Peru have planted dynamic churches. And even though the mountains are right next door, current missionaries have not yet tapped into the ministry opportunities they provide. That’s why TEAM is looking for a trekking coordinator to develop and coordinate an adventure-based ministry geared toward young adults.

The trekking coordinator will have multiple opportunities for discipleship and outdoor ministry.

First, you’ll work with local churches to plan and lead treks for Peruvian youth. Your ministry will be centered around the church, so you’ll be able to build relationships with young people and help them connect with a local body of believers.

Second, you’ll host short-term mission trips. Our desire is to introduce short-termers to mission life in Peru. You’ll get to show them local ministries and then dig deeper with each member as you lead them on gorgeous mountain hikes. You’ll disciple and mentor them as they work though how God may be calling them into long-term ministry.

Finally, you’ll get to bring your love for Christ into the Peruvian hiking culture. We’re excited for the trekking coordinator to get plugged into local outdoor groups. There are many opportunities to live out your faith and develop genuine friendships among fellow outdoor lovers.

The trekking coordinator position will be filled by someone who’s ready to jump in long-term, at least three years, and who has a heart for discipling young people and a love for the local church. You’ll need to be an experienced hiker with first aid training and a strong theological background. Since this ministry needs to be built from the ground up, you’ll also need to be a self-starter with strong organizational skills. We’re looking for someone humble and eager to learn the Spanish language and Peruvian culture

Youth Pastor – eSwatini

A small, passionate church is ready and eager to develop a thriving youth ministry program from the ground up. Over half of southern Africa’s population is under the age of 24, and local churches have targeted youth as a key area to invest in. 

In eSwatini, most young people will claim to be Christians but lack genuine faith. Youth need to be taught the true Gospel and shown how to live a life pleasing to God.

Manzini Fellowship Church is strategically located in a modern city in eSwatini and is ready to take the next step toward developing godly youth. The church recognizes that today’s youth will shape the future of eSwatini in years to come. Manzini Fellowship Church wants to see the local children develop in their love for God and hopes to see their youth programs grow under the direction of the new youth pastor. 

The youth pastor will ground young people in the truths of the Gospel, lead and organize effective long-term youth programs, provide spiritual direction on an individual basis, develop disciple-makers, teach evangelism and preach on an as-needed basis. Since English is a national language in eSwatini, you’ll be able to start your ministry in English while you learn siSwati, the heart language for most of the country’s people.

The ideal candidate would first of all need a thriving relationship with Christ and a love for youth. You’ll get to create programming from scratch, so experience in youth ministry is preferred. The church is looking for someone with strong theological convictions and a humble, teachable spirit who can contextualize principles into the southern African setting.

ESL Teachers – Global

Ministry is based on relationships, and relationships are built with conversations. That’s what makes teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) such a powerful tool for building relationships and sharing the Gospel.

Around the world, knowing English means having access to greater opportunities — both in education and in the professional world. As such, classes, tutors and language partners are in high demand. The best way to learn a new language is to be immersed in it as much as possible, which means conversation with native English speakers is key. 

As an ESL teacher, you can teach formal classes, as well as provide one-on-one tutoring. As you talk with students, you’ll get to turn conversations to daily life, relationships, religion and God. In the context of ESL classes, these topics of discussion are welcome, as they provide a deeper level of language practice. However, they also open the door for highly personal discussions. Before long, you may just find yourself inviting students to an outside Bible study or to your local church service.

ESL teachers are wanting Guatemala, Thailand, Mozambique, Italy and other nations around the world!

Talk to a missions coach to learn more.

Outdoor Recreation Ministry – Mexico

Reconciliamar is an exciting ministry taking place on Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, using outdoor adventures to transform lives through the good news of Jesus. And as the ministry continues to flourish, we need more people to join in. The outdoor recreation evangelism and discipleship team member will let their love of God’s creation shine as they lead an outdoor recreation ministry, including kayaking, hiking and camping, with an emphasis on evangelism and discipleship. You would work alongside experienced TEAM missionaries.

The goal of leading outdoor excursions is to build honest friendships that open pathways for genuine conversations about faith. That’s why they need you to know how to lead Bible studies and direct people to evangelical churches in the area.

Reconciliamar also teaches the importance of stewarding God’s creation. As Jesus changes lives, people are able to understand why it is important to do creation care. Reconciliamar offers an essential component to creation care that is often missed: the spiritual element. Through Jesus people can understand why caring for creation is so important.

Talk to a missions coach to learn more!

Creation Care Ministry – Global

Secular environmentalism often comes from a place of fear — that if we don’t watch out, we’ll lose all our resources. But as Christians, we get to share a much more thrilling story — that we serve a God who created a world with everything we need to live. And that when we care for that world, it declares our Father’s glory!

As a creation care missionary, you’ll get to serve in places where vegetation and tree cover has been cut down, streams no longer flow, wells have run dry and the soil doesn’t produce enough food. You’ll work with local communities to pursue initiatives such as:

The very nature of creation care work shows that you care for your host community in a way most outsiders don’t. Most creation care projects require spending substantial time with local people. As you work the fields, tend to your aquaponic fish farm or search for places to drill a well, you’ll have ample opportunity for long, deep conversations. When you give a community clean water or clean up its beaches, it’s natural for people to ask, “Why are you doing this?” As you share your environmental knowledge, you’ll become someone people trust, which means they’re more likely to listen when you talk about your faith. 

Talk with a missions coach to learn more!

Community Development – Dar Sila, Chad

In the heart of Africa lies one of the most unreached people groups in the world — along with eight others. Dar Sila, Chad, is experiencing peace for the first time in many years, and this once-isolated region is now more open to the Gospel than ever before. That’s why TEAM is calling people like you to join us in Dar Sila.

The region is home to several unreached people groups, as well as a significant refugee population from the Darfur region of Sudan. All of these people groups are Muslim and unreached by the Good News. However, the region’s great physical needs mean there are an abundance of ways to tangibly show Christ’s love to people in need.

We need workers skilled in creation care, social justice, creative arts, education and more. Life will be rustic, but as you help build the community, you’ll also get to build meaningful relationships with locals and refugees. You’ll get to know a culture unlike any you’ve experienced before. And you’ll get to lead people to Christ and teach them how to follow Him!

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