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Crisis in Ukraine

Prayers for Ukraine

The Russian invasion of Ukraine which began Thursday, February 24 is being called the most aggressive act of war in Europe since World War II. As members of the Body of Christ, we recognize the importance of prayer amid these challenging times. We invite you to join us in praying for Ukraine.


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Current Prayer Requests


PRAY for believers still in Ukraine where the war continues to rage on, despite the decrease in media coverage.  Pray that God will continue to encourage, strengthen and sustain His Church in Ukraine, and for unbelievers to find the hope of Christ in these dark days.

PRAY for displaced people and those ministering to them throughout Europe and beyond.  Pray that they will not grow weary or discouraged.  Pray for the workers as their efforts have not transitioned to primarily focusing on trauma recovering and helping people build new lives for the foreseeable future.  Pray for families who are separated as some loved ones stay to fight for their country or are unable to travel while the rest seek shelter thousands of miles away.  Pray for God to sustain them and for many to come to know Jesus as Savior.

PRAY for God to provide miraculous protection over women and children, as reports continue to pour in of trafficking, child abduction, and other atrocities related to the chaos of the war.


PRAY for besieged cities in Ukraine, including two areas where TEAM-affiliated churches and ministries are located.  Friends of TEAM say air raid sirens sound constantly and people are sitting in their hallways, bathrooms, or basements all day because bomb shelters in their areas are full.  Pray for peace from Jesus that surpasses all understanding, for sound sleep, and for children who are terrified and don’t fully understand what is happening.

PRAY for God’s provision for drivers bringing supplies into Ukraine and refugees out.  Gasoline has not reached $7.00+ a gallon.  A round trip from the west to the eastern conflict zone requires almost $700 per minibus/box truck.  Gasoline purchases are being limited to 2.5 gallons per visit – making long trip planning very, very difficult.  Pray for God to make a way for these needs to be met.


PRAY for Global Workers in and around Ukraine ministering to traumatized and spiritually hungry people every day.  Read an overview of TEAM’s refugee relief efforts throughout Europe as well as specific ways to pray in this month’s Prayer Focus blog.


PRAY for TEAM’s two global workers who were evacuated from Ukraine as they seek the Lord’s will for their ongoing ministry.  Maria and Samantha (names changed) have been serving refugees in Europe since the invasion, but as the war drags on, they face decisions on how and where God will have them serve long-term.  This grieves their hearts as they long to return to Ukraine but have no answers as to what that will be possible.  Pray for their peace and discernment.

PRAY for Ukrainians coming to know Christ.  Praise God that in the midst of the chaos the war has caused, and because of the love of Christ being shown through TEAM global workers and TEAM donors, dozens of people have professed faith in Christ.  Pray that new believers will be disciplined by faithful believers.

PRAY for Maripol and other besieged areas in Eastern Ukraine. It is estimated that 90% of Maripol has been destroyed and the death toll is likely over 20,000.  Pray for God to deliver the people in besieged areas and for relief supplies to reach those in most dire need.


PRAY for the spiritual and emotional needs of refugees as they process trauma.  As 4+million displaced people settle and have their immediate physical needs met, they are beginning to feel the spiritual and emotional impact of the horrors they have experienced.  This is especially true of refugees who left Ukraine after the fighting
began – most were fired upon during their escape.  Many of those now suffer from PTSD.  Pray for these people to find the peace that passes understanding which comes only from Christ.

PRAY for global workers providing counseling to refugees.  Because there are so many hurting people in need of spiritual care, global workers are stretched thin and wearing.  Pray for their strength and endurance, and pray for God to raise up more people who can share Gospel-centered love and care with victims of war.  Pray for TEAM member care workers who minister to those who provide direct care to refugees.


PRAY for safety as relief workers, church pastors, and others transport Ukrainian citizens away from Russian-occupied areas.  TEAM is aware of several individuals and groups who are engaged in this type of work, and there is reason to believe that people making these journeys may be targetted.  Please pray for divine protection over the workers and their passengers.

PRAY for TEAM global workers and others who are ministering, day in and day out, to traumatized and hurting people. Now 40 days into the war, many relief workers are weary and discouraged with no end to this crisis in sight. Pray for these helpers and their families to find God’s strength to be perfect in their weakness, and to experience the peace that passes all understanding.

PRAY for refugees to trust the true relief workers while staying protected from those who seek to do them harm. TEAM contacts in countries bordering Ukraine report that trafficking of women and children has become so widespread that many refugees are afraid to receive any type of help from real relief workers. Some are even afraid to accept bottled water for fear of being drugged and abducted. Pray for the efforts of TEAM and other legitimate organizations to effectively communicate to frightened people and help them find safety and refuge.


PRAY for the protection of “Pastor E” and his church in an undisclosed city in Ukraine. The church is being used not only as a bomb shelter but also as a place to store supplies for the community.  The location of the church makes it a likely target, so prayers are coveted for divine protection over the church building, the critical supplies stored within its walls, and most importantly the lives of those who may fund shelter here.


PRAY for the ongoing support of refugees settling in the Czech Republic. TEAM workers in the Czech Republic just completed a project in which they cleaned, repaired, and furnished an apartment building in Prague where approximately 40 Ukrainian refugees are now living. These same workers are now doing the same thing with two vacant floors of a nearby convent – turning the space into living quarters so that more families can be housed. Pray for the continued efforts to provide these accommodations for refugees, as well as the next steps of helping the families find schools for their children, medical care, etc. (Get a glimpse of what God did at the apartments in the short video below.)


PRAY against discouragement in the hearts of Ukrainian Christians. Pray that the Holy Spirit will strengthen them today and give them what they need to live faithfully.

PRAY for 2 million+ people of Ukraine who have fled their country in the past two weeks. Pray for opportunities to process with safe people the traumatic things they’ve experienced. Pray for wisdom for them in deciding where to go next & how to move forward, all the while waiting & praying for it to be safe to return home to Ukraine. Pray for those whose hearts are heavy for relatives, husbands, and friends who are still in Ukraine.

PRAY for helpers at borders. From the very first days NGOs, missionaries, volunteers, and countless others have put their lives on hold to help Ukrainians get to safety. Pray for them to get good rest each night and during the day find moments of beauty & levity amidst hearing so many hard stories. Pray for them to have the physical, mental, and emotional stamina to keep going.

PRAY for drivers entering besieged cities to get supplies in and people out. Pray for safety on the roads from Russian shelling & from icy/snowy roads. Pray they can stay awake & alert while driving long hours.

PRAY against human trafficking. People are taking advantage of the chaos and trust of desperate people and using it for evil purposes; pray traffickers are found out quickly and that women & kids can leave their country safely. Read  more about these dangers in THIS article froom BBC News.

Taken from TEAM’s blog 3/4/22,

PRAY for TEAM-affiliated ministries and churches. TEAM has been involved in and around Odessa in particular, partnering with the Baptist church north of the city in the town of Petrovka and an international church south of the city center. The pastor of one church left Ukraine with his wife and oldest son for a trip just prior to the invasion, leaving four other children at home with grandparents. The pastor and his wife and son are now unable to return to Odessa.

PRAY for families who are facing separation. Males aged 18-60 are not allowed to leave Ukraine, and so many tearful goodbyes are taking place as families flee leaving sons, fathers, husbands, and brothers behind.

PRAY for those who are unable to leave their residences. Pray for them to find shelter, food, and the resources they need to survive.

PRAY for the believers to know the peaceful and protective presence of their Savior. Despite heightened political tensions in Ukraine over the past weeks and months, TEAM’s missionaries report that most people did not believe there would be a war. As they live now in the daily reality of what has taken place, may believers in Ukraine experience God’s presence and the peace that passes all understanding.

PRAY for those who don’t know Jesus to find Him in their time of need. May they find the great hope of the Gospel, their eyes open to the Truth as Jesus said in John 16:33, “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” (NIV)

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Updates from the field


TEAM Ukraine News:
Soon after Ukrainian refugee families connected with TEAM in the Czech Republic, a Ukrainian pastor’s wife, herself a refugee, wanted to start a school for kids.  Using Sunday school rooms of the international church down the street, she jumped in to start something with a few volunteers.
The first week they had 6-30 children attend each day to play, do a Gospel-oriented craft and eat a simple lunch together.  Ukrainian, Czech, Dutch, and American volunteers came to help.
As time went on, the children enrolled in Czech school, but the program continued to evolve.  Now those classrooms continue as a place for young ones to play and be taught God’s word.  The church hosts a weekly meal on Monday evenings, as a gathering place for the Ukrainians and local believers.
Pray for those who are cooking and inviting, for needs to be discovered and met, and for openness to the Spirit and saving faith for those who attend.


Efforts to house refugees in the Czech Republic continue as available accommodations become more and more scarce. The latest project involves a privately-owned farmhouse outside of Prague that is undergoing renovations to house several Ukrainian families.  TEAM workers share: “These amazing people have already invited families into their home, helped them find jobs and schooling for their children, and they have a heart for caring for more people.  This [additional] building will house 2-4 Ukrainian refugee families.  People are coming together from different backgrounds and countries to pull this off.


“It’s miraculous how much people are united now because of this horrible situation.  People are just helping…it’s miraculous.” Anna, displaced from Ukraine, March 2022.
When TEAM global workers in the Czech Republic met Anna, she was weary from several days of traveling along.  Her city in Ukraine was under near-constant shelling, forcing her to leave family members behind and travel west…with no destination determined other than away from the fighting.
Anna graciously shared with TEAM each step of her journey and how God miraculously provided food and shelter for her – one meal, one day, one location at a time.  Take a few minutes out of your day to hear her incredible story.


TEAM’s work to provide housing for refugees in the Czech Republic continues.  Global workers began just days after the Russian invasion to clean, repair, and furnish a series of apartments in Prague, and the first families moved in shortly thereafter.  Over the past month, Team Czech has acquired more apartments as well as two vacant floors of a convent which they’ve converted into living spaces for additional families.  Workers also provide ongoing support to these families to help them find jobs, schools for their children, etc. as well as giving them spiritual care as they grieve the loss of the life they knew in Ukraine.


TEAM is resourcing three Ukrainian pastors and their churches to provide life-saving food and medicines to war victims.  These pastors and church members drive convoys in and out of conflict areas: bringing supplies in and transporting refugees out.  Some of these journeys are in excess of 500 miles one way.  One convoy is delayed because of a vehicle breaking down and needing parts.  Pray for this vehicle to be back in operation quickly.  Pray for the safety of the drivers and their precious cargo.


As the war drags on, materials needs such as food and medicine are still critical for refugees as well as citizens sheltering in Ukraine.  However, as the world rallies around providing these essentials through relief agencies, churches, governments, and individuals, a shift is taking place in which a greater and more desperate need emerges.
That is the need for spiritual and emotional care for those touched by the horrors of war.  As refugees begin to have their physical needs met, they also begin to process the trauma they have experienced and continue to experience as they give what they have lost.  They long for their home and for an end to the war.  Those helping are also weary and often discouraged after nearly 2 months of ministering to traumatized people every day.
And yet through incredible suffering, people are finding true HOPE in the Gospel.  Pray for God to continue to bring peace, comfort, strength, and endurance to the victims of war and those ministering to them.


Pharmacies in Ukraine are virtually empty of the medicines people needs, especially for chronic illnesses.  TEAM has connected with another faith-based organization in Eastern Europe to bring medicines such as insulin and other r life-sustaining prescription medications across borders and into Ukraine.  Please pray for the safety of the drivers who risk their lives making these supply runs and for the medicine to reach those who need it most.


A poem written by John Shirk based on John 11:35/Jesus Wept
The Weeping Ends (March 2022)


TEAM workers in Austria, in partnership with a ministry called Heart Works, received a large donation of clothes, toys, and other items before Christmas last year – so large, in fact, that they weren’t sure what they were going to do with it all!  Then when buses of refugees began arriving in Vienna in mid-March, that question was answered.  Just in the first two days, TEAM, Heart Works, and the Beheimgasse church were able to provide needed items as well as meals to 60 women and children.

TEAM worker, Dan Zuch, reports, “People from the church and other acquaintances are taking people in, and now more and more people are driving to the border to take supplies and then pick-up people and bring them back to Vienna. We even had enough to send five large boxes of things we don’t necessarily need to the border [where the need is greater].  It has been humbling and heartbreaking at the same time, but we’re so thankful for God’s provision in advance.”


We received this report from “Pastor E” in Ukraine:
“Dear friends!  Thank you for your prayers!  Yesterday, 5 cruise missiles were sent to our city.  They all fell, but no one was hurt!  Thank God! In some apartment buildings and also in shops, windows flew out, but people are all alive.  Isn’t it a miracle?  …A shell exploded 50 meters from [a car carrying 5 believers ] and miraculously all survived.


TEAM has connected with “Pastor E” in the Donetsk Oblast of Ukraine. His church and community are just a few miles from the war zone. Pastor E sent some of his family away to safety as refugees, but he chose to stay with his flock and help them care for community members who have no means of income because of the war. The church is hard at work daily bringing food and other basic necessities to families in need.

Yesterday, in this same community, 20 people trusted Christ — the impact of the gifts of kindness from God’s people through TEAM.

One of many families helped by Pastor E’s church with support from TEAM donors.


It is estimated that 2 million people have fled Ukraine seeking shelter in neighboring countries ­since February 24. Most of these are women and children since Ukrainian men ages 18-60 are required to stay in Ukraine.

One of those young moms is Anna*, who left Ukraine with her 12-year-old son and 9-month-old daughter. The backpacks they carry contain all they could bring with them. This courageous mom, exhausted and tearful after leaving her husband behind in Ukraine, connected with TEAM global workers from the Czech Republic.

Working alongside Josiah Venture, these workers had the opportunity to show Anna and her children Christ’s love as they transported the family to a relative’s home in another region.

Please pray for Anna’s family and others like them who are separated from their homes and from each other.

Anna with her children and TEAM workers.


From a Pastor currently in eastern Ukraine

“Peace be upon you, our dear beloved friends! This is what we especially need now, we are in Ukraine. The enemy, the devil, is in a strong rage, knows that he has little time left, so he directs all his forces to the country where there is the greatest freedom for preaching the Gospel. But God is stronger and will give us victory!

Yesterday we saw off the first refugees, our newlyweds left with their relatives, but we [sent] them with tears in our eyes. Today we had a prayer service in the church, after the service we fed the hungry and the needy as long as there was something to feed. In the stores, the counters are empty, there is no flour, cereals and many products, but thank God that there is bread, which is immediately sorted out. War is a terrible thing.”

Feeding refugees at a church in the eastern part of the country

Members of a church located on the outskirts of the battle zone in eastern Ukraine sing during a communion service on March 6, 2022.