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With today’s technology and global connectivity, becoming a missionary is, in some ways, easier than ever. There are a plethora of organizations to go with, swift flights to countries around the world and ministry methods for every skillset. Yet sometimes, all those options can make finding the right route seem nearly impossible. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, or if you just need a little more clarity, TEAM’s Vision Trips are designed for you.

Travel to an active mission field to see missionaries in action. Listen to stories of their trials and triumphs as they show you, firsthand, the culture and spiritual climate they work in every day. See where God has opened doors for ministry, attend a local church service and ask the questions no one’s been able to answer for you. Along the way, and after the trip, you’ll have a TEAM missions coach to help you process the experience and see how God might be leading you. 

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2017 Locations

North Africa (June 22-July 3)
(Deadline to apply is 3/24/17)

Apply Now (Deadline to apply is February 24)

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