A Lost People — and a Tremendous Opportunity [January Prayer Focus]

Dar Sila
This month, pray that unreached people in Dar Sila, Chad, will hear the Gospel for the first time! Photo by TEAM

The people of Dar Sila, Chad, lack doctors, schools and basic infrastructure. So, when their region was hit by wave of Sudanese refugees, they didn’t have much to offer. Over a decade later, short-term aid workers are coming to help refugees, but few offer relief to the local people — who are also struggling to get by. On top that, this region is 99 percent Muslim, which means they have no one to hear their prayers.

But right now, Dar Sila is experiencing peace for the first time in many years, which is creating openness to the Good News and opportunities to provide relief.

Pray with us this month that God will raise up workers to take advantage of the new openness. Pray that these missionaries will be able to meet the needs of all the people of Dar Sila.

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1. Pray for long-term, united teams to reach the people of Dar Sila.

Over 400,000 people live and work in the Dar Sila region of Chad. The chances of one ministry — let alone one missionary team — reaching all the people of Dar Sila alone are highly unlikely.

For all 400,000 people to hear the Word, missions organizations around the world need to unite and create a stronger presence in this pivotal area.

Pray that various ministries and missionary teams will unite for the purpose of reaching those who are lost. Pray that the local Chadian church will also help by shedding light on important needs and cultural values.

2. Pray for a clear, focused ministry strategy for sharing the Gospel in Dar Sila.

Thousands of unreached people groups still exist. Usually, they are tucked away in remote areas that are difficult to get to. But in Dar Sila, there’s a tremendous opportunity to access nine of these unreached people groups fairly easily.

Most Dar Sila locals follow Islam, which means strategies will need to be tailored to reaching Muslims. But because of the vast needs in the area, there are opportunities for missionaries of almost every skill set.

Pray for creative strategies and for effective, skilled workers to go to the Dar Sila region of Chad. Pray for a team with diverse skills and passions that can effectively reach a variety of people groups.

3. Pray for TEAM’s ministry area leader in Dar Sila, who has worked for over three years to lay the groundwork for a long-term team.

TEAM’s ministry leader in Dar Sila has worked hard to single-handedly establish housing, build relationships with the locals, host teams that have traveled there to assess needs, study the area and sow the seeds of the Gospel with her Muslim friends.

After more than three years of tirelessly serving, she is understandably in need of physical refreshment, spiritual encouragement, financial support and prayer partners. But her first priority, even in this season, is to find believers who are willing to join her in reaching the people of Dar Sila.

Pray for a season of renewal at this time. Pray also that our Dar Sila ministry leader will find future teammates.

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