A Tiny Apartment That Restores Hearts [VIDEO]

Missionary member care apartment
A true picture of hospitality: watch how TEAM missionaries use their resources in Paris to provide member care for other missionaries.

The Robelots work as regional member care coordinators for TEAM in Europe and Chad.

The couple became missionaries in 1987 and have since developed a heart to help their fellow missionaries through difficult seasons.

The Robelots prayerfully decided to purchase the studio apartment located above their house, which has become known as The Upper Room. Now missionaries come there for rest, renewal, recreation and restoration.

Video Transcript:

Missy says, “When we moved into this house, we noticed that there was an apartment. We began praying that maybe this would become an apartment that would serve to just allow missionaries to come and just have a real time with the Lord; to be able to reflect and have quiet and Sabbath with the Lord.”

Paul says, “There were times during our first terms when finances were kind of tight and it was at moments like that where we really felt the need to vacation. We need[ed] to get away. Or there were times when we felt like we needed some counseling.

providing member care

With the Upper Room located right above their house, the Robelots often get to share a meal with visiting missionaries and also extend opportunities for counseling. Photo by TEAM


“This is a place where people can come. They don’t have to pay anything.

“It’s a studio apartment with an independent entrance. There’s a bed on the mezzanine, and a little kitchenette. And it’s very close to Paris.”

Missy says, “We’re available for counseling, if that’s something they want. If it isn’t, it’s a place for rest — and we’re a 20-minute walk from the train station and 30 minutes [from] the middle of Paris. That’s our prayer; that it would be used for missionaries that just need to get away.”

Do you have a gift of hospitality? Discover the many ways you can use it to refresh spirits and begin conversations about the Gospel by checking out our hospitality opportunities.


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    My name is Jeremiah Kegera secretary of the small bible study group i and bro. Pius across friend of mine in Christ initiated the group in 2009 when we were expelled from United church of God , the same year since we refused to accept man made commandment which were imposed to members of the church eg giving un biblical tithing.
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    Yours faithfully
    Jeremiah kegera on behalf of the group.

    • Thank you for your commitment to the Kingdom! May God bless you as you seek guidance for your future ministry.

  • Thank you very much. It’s wonderful to see missionary team become a keeper and helper to the needs of other teams needs. Glory be to God. We need practical and radical love to go on the move of Holy Spirit to work in harmony to reach the unreached. More of these are needed. Ayodele from Abuja Nigeria.

  • I love what TEAM is doing.depopulating the kingdom of darkness and populating heaven. I would want TEAM to be present in Nigeria.

    • Thank you for your support! We are grateful that God has placed a desire in your heart to serve Him.

      TEAM is a North American sending agency and our employees are therefore subject to U.S. labor laws.  Because of TEAM’s status as a “Non-
      Profit Organization” before the U.S. Government and related government restrictions, we are limited to accepting only U.S. or Canadian citizens and valid green card holders.

      We trust that you are understanding of this policy and that you will continue to pursue other avenues for serving the Lord through your local church and/or a sending agency within your own country. May God bless you as you seek guidance for your future ministry!

    • Sweta, thank you for your interest in partnering with TEAM! To get started, I would encourage you to talk with one of our Missions Coaches here: https://team.org/missionscoach. They will answer any questions you may have and help you discover the path God has for you. May God bless you as you seek guidance for your future ministry!

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