An Inside Look at TEAM 125 Celebrations

Shared stories and smiles in Atlanta, GA on March 27, 2015

This year in cities around the United States and Canada, friends and members of the TEAM family have gathered to celebrate 125 years of TEAM’s work around the world.  The night is a celebration focused on honoring the past, celebrating the present and casting vision for the future of TEAM. Here’s an inside look into TEAM’s 125th Anniversary Celebrations in the United States!


Denver Celebration on June 12, 2015

As people arrive and check in, many eagerly scan name tags for names they recognize – old friends and former colleagues are quickly reunited before the evening has even begun.  As appetizers are served, attendees connect with friends old and new, with the common question, “So how do you know TEAM?”

A quick look around the room and you may not think this group has much in common, but stick around for a few minutes and you’ll see the mutual faith that brought everyone together.  Curious applicants sit across from retired missionaries, eagerly listening to the stories of sacrifice and love. Supporters connect with the missionaries they’ve supported for years.  At one event, a couple that came to faith because of a TEAM church plant in Japan got to meet the church that sent the missionaries who shared the Gospel with them.


The attendees share a meal together while presenters commemorate milestones in TEAM.

Dinner is served while TEAM family members give short presentations about what TEAM has meant to them. Humble obedience is the common theme; TEAM would not be celebrating 125 years if it wasn’t for the Lord’s call to serve, give, and pray—and the many, many people who have said “yes” to that call.  These attendees represent decades of sharing Christ’s love with the nations, and it’s amazing to listen to their testimonies of faithfulness


Retired TEAM missionaries gather in Dallas on March 6, 2015.

After dinner, the evening wraps up with a dessert reception honoring our retired missionaries. Each retired missionary has story upon story of personal sacrifice and God’s provision, and listeners can’t help but walk away inspired by their courage and trust.


TEAM recognizes a church’s long-time commitment to sending missionaries.

These nights are all about praising God for his unthinkable faithfulness and his work through TEAM. We are humbled to celebrate 125 years sending missionaries from anywhere to everywhere, and we are honored so many people around the world have celebrated with us.

Dinner celebrations extend through the end of the year with events in Orange County, California; Chicago, Illinois; Bradenton, Florida and Naples, Florida.  We would love for you to join us! For more information, click here.  If you have any questions about TEAM’s 125th Anniversary Events, please email us or call 1-800-203-6735.

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Anna Price served as TEAM's Resources Planning Coordinator, where she gets to resource churches to prepare, send and care for missionaries well. Anna has a background in children's ministry and orphan care, and is passionate about global missions, social justice and hosting friends around her dining room table.


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  • I am searching for a Missionary friend, retired from TEAM years ago because of health problems. She was an R.N., was in Indonesia for many years, and had returned to Ohio to care for elderly parents. A group of us from a former supporting church (Evangel Baptist Church in Memphis, TN) now scattered, are wanting to find her…. Her name is Vicki Lynn Hill, and she is probably in her mid-sixties.
    If you have any way to contact her, please help us out! Thanks. – Marianne Miller

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