It’s Time to Redefine a “Normal” Christian

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In a world that offers us new reasons to be afraid or dismayed every day, what if we change the definition of a normal Christian? Photo by TEAM

Recently, I sat only a few feet away from an awe-inspiring person — a woman who has spent 60 years serving people in a place others choose to avoid.

As a young woman, she left her home for a place so opposed to Christians, I cannot write her name. For nearly her whole life, she has provided medical care for chronically-ill Muslims in hopes that each would find true healing in Christ.

As she spoke of her Muslim friends, the fire of love burned through her eyes and her words.

It was impossible to leave her presence without thinking, “How does a person do that?” Or even more, “How do I do that?”

She’s not a normal Christian. Not very many people do what she does. Normal Christians just go about their daily lives and are ordinary people. Right? 

Then I thought of some of my “normal” Christian friends.

One, who lives a full and vibrant life from a wheelchair, tutors an immigrant girl in English. Another friend has adopted a foster child and supports a family sharing Christ’s love in another country. Still, another lives in an ordinary, southern U.S. town and works passionately for social justice.

In a world that offers us new reasons to be afraid or dismayed every day, what if we changed the definition of a normal Christian? What if the definition of a normal Christian is simply one who has a fiery heart of love for Christ and others?

What if this is the time, more than ever, to wake up and see the world with new eyes? To grow our love and exercise the muscles of courage?

What if we turned our dismay over the state of our nation and our world into a decision to redefine our normal Christian life?

It will take some intentionality.

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Mary Beth Fussner

Mary Beth Fussner is program director for TEAM’s Learning and Development department. She finds joy in helping others grow and thrive as they fulfill God’s call to service. Her missionary experience includes theological education, missionary training and community outreach programs.

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