Refugees in Christ: A Lent Guide

Lent is a season rich in remembrance. This year, join us as we reflect on the refugee crisis and our ultimate hope of salvation through Christ. Photo by TEAM

Lent is a season rich in imagery. As we reflect on the life and ministry of Christ, and remember His suffering and resurrection, we are reminded of the darkness that pervades our world, as well as the hope of new creation.

We remember what we have lost to a world broken because of sin. We remember how, before Jesus made a way, we were foreigners to the family of Christ. We remember how in the most broken of circumstances, God continues to move in and through His people.

As we reflect on all this, may another picture come to mind: that of the more than 2,000 new refugees who have arrived in Europe in 2018, while approximately 200 more have perished at sea along the journey. You’ve probably seen the news stories, and maybe your heart was broken by the pain of those pictured.

But what exactly can you do about it?

The Apostle Peter addresses Christ’s followers as “elect exiles,” reminding us that, though we may live in the land of our birth, our heavenly citizenship marks us indelibly as pilgrims, exiles and wanderers. And so it is appropriate that, as we remember Christ’s journey to the cross and to the resurrection, we would also identify with those living among us as refugees, exiles and pilgrims.

While we reflect on the hope of our salvation, let us also cry out for those wanderers among us who do not yet know Christ.

During Lent 2018, we invite you to journey with HowWillTheyHear, in partnership with TEAM. Together, we will reflect on the immigrant experience and pray for God’s kingdom to come and His will to be done in our broken world.

We will provide weekly prayer guides, and two weekly devotional meditations from immigrant stories, missionary encounters, and stories of how God is at work today.

Though the brokenness is real, this season reminds us that God is at work, and He is making all things new. Will you pray with us to that end?

“Behold, I am making all things new.” Revelation 21:5

Lent starts on February 14. Download your free guide for Scriptural meditations to lead you through the season!


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