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Photo by Andy Olsen / TEAM

This week, our blog got a little face lift. We love the new look and hope our readers will, too. We put a lot of thought into making the blog more engaging and user-friendly, as well as creating something that would do justice to TEAM’s beautiful photography.

But most of all, we want to create a space for thoughtful dialogue. TEAM’s ministries are broad and diverse. On any given day, our hundreds of missionaries are serving in myriad contexts around the globe — urban and rural, churched and unchurched, Eastern and Western, advanced and primitive. This complex ministry mixture makes for a lot of stories, ideas and questions to explore that touch nearly every corner of the missions world.

TEAM has a strong history of telling the stories of what God is doing around the world through TEAM workers. This blog aims to follow in that vein, creating more room to tell more stories. Beyond that, it extends as a forum to talk about the bigger missions topics that affect not only TEAM but also many other missions organizations. For example, what unique challenges do Christians in Japan face? And do missions even work?

Finally, this blog is a resource for those seeking to engage missions more deeply or become missionaries themselves. Not everything fits neatly in FAQ pages, and those conversations are exactly what we hope readers will find here — topics like, what’s it really like to adjust to your first few months living abroad? How will my short-term missions trip be viewed by local Christians?

 We wish you happy reading. More importantly, we hope you come away from this blog thinking differently in some way about your involvement in global missions. Have something you’d like to see us writing about? Please let us know! We welcome your comments and suggestions in this post, or feel free to drop us a line at

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Andy Olsen

Andy Olsen is a former senior writer and editor at TEAM. He is especially interested in exploring and sharing the metrics and best practices of great missions. Before joining TEAM, Andy served as Director of Communications for Latin America Mission. He has worked as a writer, photographer and videographer for NGOs in Haiti and for newspapers and magazines across the country.

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