Photo Journal: Guadalajara

Glenn Skala works in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Each month, we will feature a TEAM missionary in our new Photo Journal series. See what it’s like to live and work overseas through the eyes of the missionaries themselves. Don’t forget to check back each month for a new missionary and ministry area! 

Meet Glenn, a TEAM missionary in Guadalajara, Mexico. Glenn grew up in Illinois, and his missions experience began during high school, when he went on four short-term mission trips with his youth group.  During college at Taylor University, Glenn continued going on mission trips, organizing and advocating for missions at his school.

“It was through these experiences that my knowledge about missions grew, my ability to build meaningful relationships cross-culturally increased, my heart for service increased and my passion for missions grew,” he says.

Glenn is now a new (less than two months!) TEAM missionary serving in Guadalajara, Mexico, and is documenting his experience in the field by sharing a picture on his Instagram every day. His work in Mexico involves weekly Bible studies within house church groups, building relationships with believers and non-believers, serving and teaching children and young adults in community centers and orphanages and using art in ministry to teach and share the Gospel.

This is what missions looks like in Guadalajara.


I never considered getting an instagram, but my Aunt convinced me to get one and do a 365 day challenge during my time living in Guadalajara, Mexico. I thought it was a great idea. It would force me to photograph more and observe the world around me with greater intensity. But I’m here for two years, so it will be more than 365 days. Let’s just call it a photo-a-day.

Anyway, I arrived here on April 9th 2015, so this is already five days into my adventure. What better way to start things out than with a selfie, taken in the neighborhood I live in. Can you tell I’m excited to be here?


First day on my new bike. It’s made travel to and from events much quicker. It’s been a long time since I rode a bicycle. But they say you never forget, right?


Our little group doubled in size tonight when our Bible Study turned into a Family Birthday Party. I was running on fumes as the night went on, and my Spanish was toast, but I was able to find some English speakers, and it was fun seeing everyone enjoy the company. Plus the food was great, but that’s not a surprise.


A little fútbol at the orphanage before English class starts.


First art lesson was today with the kids from Rios! We learned about the color wheel, what happens when you mix colors together, which colors are primaries/secondaries, and we even started discussing what happens when you mix opposite colors together. Then with extra time we talked about what colors are in the world around us. I think it went well! Next week I hope to jump into some art projects using the concept of color mixing.


Tuesday Night Bible Study. Good stuff.


Best tacos I’ve had so far. Plus a delicious strawberry-banana smoothie followed by a Magnum bar. I had a very happy belly.


Filming a little interview with one of the kids from Rios. We’re interviewing a child a week so that our Bible Community can get to know the kids a little better. Plus it’s good practice for their English.


Worlds are colliding here at “Naranja Tacos.” Great group of people sharing in friendship and food. I love it.

Want to connect with Glenn? View his TEAM profile, follow him on Instagram, or check out his blog!


Pray for Glenn and the other missionaries in Mexico. Pray that the Holy Spirit will use them to minister to those they are serving.

Pray for the many camps that will be taking place across Mexico this summer, and that many children and youth will attend and come to know Christ.

Pray that the Lord will send more workers and church planters to Mexico!


You can give directly to Glenn to support his ministry in Guadalajara by clicking here.

You can help TEAM send more missionaries like Glenn by supporting the Global Outreach (GO) Fund – click here to give!


There is a great need for workers in Mexico. English and Spanish speakers are needed for teaching, discipling, church planting and more. Click here to learn more about TEAM’s ministries in Mexico and view service opportunities in Guadalajara and more!


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