6 Ways to Pray for Missional Businesses [March Prayer Focus]

missional business
In places where evangelizing is difficult, workers are using business to open doors. Here's how to pray for them. Photo courtesy of Narrative Coffee Company

Not every country wants a missionary, but most want economic growth. Not everyone wants to hear the gospel, but many will welcome friendly conversation over a cup of coffee.

That’s why missionaries around the world are starting businesses. Whether it’s a coffee shop or a cultural center, businesses let missionaries boldly enter communities where they weren’t welcome before. And they provide a neutral environment where seekers can hear the gospel without the intimidation of entering a church building.

This March, will you pray for missional businesses around the world?

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Pray for God’s guidance in drawing up business plans.

Starting a profitable business in a foreign country would be challenging for anyone. But missionaries have the added difficulties of creating a business that will let them build relationships, build up a community and lead people to God.

Pray for God’s guidance as missionaries decide what they should sell and where they should sell it. Ask for wisdom as they determine how they’ll use that to share the gospel. And pray that God will make them flexible and open to whatever surprises He has in mind.

Pray for steady profits and financial provision.


son rise cafe missional businesses

SonRise Café in Tokyo creates a context for seekers and believers to gather for events and discussions that point to Christ. Photo by TEAM


Businesses take money to start and to keep them going. But where that money comes from can change depending on a missionary’s goals.

TEAM Japan missionaries know staying competitive in Tokyo would mean running themselves ragged and missing out on ministry opportunities. So they choose to run SonRise Café at a loss, with the help of supporters.

On the flipside, TEAM missionary Jon Tello wants to help sex trafficking victims earn a dignified living, which means turning a profit is vital. He knew jewelry or scarves wouldn’t earn enough for a modest life in Italy, so he teaches women how to craft wooden pens instead.

However missionaries run their businesses, ask God to provide steady incomes so they can minister in the most effective way possible.

Pray for life-giving relationships with suppliers.

Finding suppliers isn’t just about finding the highest quality materials at the cheapest price. Done right, it can be a key part of ministry. TEAM missionaries Adam and Jamie started a restaurant so they could minister not only to their customers but also to the farmers who provide their ingredients.

Pray for missionaries to be spiritually mindful as they pick suppliers and build relationships with them. Ask God to open doors to share the gospel with each of these partners.

Pray that businesses can provide jobs for people who need them.

Missionaries often talk about God as provider. What better way to show that than by giving jobs to those who need them? The St. Paul Cultural Center in Turkey started out small but now employs a chef, security guards and others to keep the place running. And as the staff grows, missionaries and local believers have even more opportunities to share the gospel.

Pray that more missionary businesses will be able to bless their local communities with employment opportunities. Ask God to give them wisdom in creating new roles and hiring people to fill them.

Pray for legal knowledge and good relationships with government officials.


After opening up a missional coffee shop in the Philippines, Trent and Christine learned the importance of knowing and navigating local laws. Photo courtesy of Narrative Coffee Company


“For some countries, there’s a difference between what the law says and what people actually do,” says Christine, a co-founder of Narrative Coffee Company in the Philippines.

Finding sound legal advice can be tricky in a foreign environment, and short cuts are tempting. But obeying the law offers a strong witness (especially in corrupt environments), it keeps missionaries out of trouble and it pleases the Lord.

Pray for missionaries to be steadfast in their faithfulness to the law. Ask God to help them understand local ordinances and build relationships with government officials who can help them navigate business requirements.

Pray for opportunities to share the gospel.

Namiko was looking for answers in new age philosophy and Satanism. But when a friend invited her to a Christian concert at SonRise Café in Tokyo, everything changed. Namiko started attending church with TEAM missionaries, and five months later, she prayed with one of them to receive Jesus as her Savior.

Whether it’s pens, tasty treats, coffee or anything else, this is what every missionary-run business is about. Pray that God will give missionaries many opportunities to share the gospel through their businesses. And pray that His Word will not return void.

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