Praying Through COVID-19 [April Prayer Focus]


News about COVID-19 is everywhere, bombarding us with frightening and overwhelming reports. As Christians, we know we can bring the scary and overwhelming to God. But where do we start? How do we pray effectively and purposefully when it feels like the whole world has descended into chaos? 

This month, we’re focusing our prayers on people impacted by COVID-19. Keep reading to see specific ways you can pray for missionaries (and everyone else) who are being impacted by COVID-19 and the precautions taken to stop the spread.

1. Pray against loneliness for people in isolation.

God created people to live in community. Even the most introverted people need other people. So at times like these, it can be difficult to fight off feelings of loneliness. And restrictions on travel only make that harder.

Many missionaries are returning to their home countries but aren’t able to see family because of mandated quarantines. It can be incredibly frustrating to travel all the way to your home country only to be kept from closing that final distance.

Pray that God will defend people against feelings of loneliness and cabin fever. Ask God to encourage missionaries who are stuck in quarantine. And pray that each of us will know how to keep a sense of community, even while we’re kept apart. 

2. Pray for God’s provision during economic hardship.

With schools, businesses, and events shutting down, a lot of employees aren’t getting paid. Families are already struggling to pay bills and buy food for families. And missionaries may see their monthly support start to drop.

Pray that God will ease the financial burden placed on workers who are not getting paid because of shutdowns. Pray that missionaries will remain fully funded. Pray that people will be able to find alternative means to make ends meet. 

A man sits in his home and prays

COVID-19 has thrust many people into a season of financial uncertainty. Pray that they will see God as their faithful provider.

3. Pray that this season of social distancing will glorify God.

With a lot of people in a panic, it can be difficult to see how anything good could come out of all of this. But, in the midst of all of the chaos, there is still a bright side. A lot of families are able to spend quality time together that they otherwise might not have had. People who would never step foot in a church are seeing live-streamed services on their social media. The overworked student is getting a chance to slow down and rest. 

A lot of change is happening. Pray that God will use this time to draw families closer together. Pray that people will be able to slow down and get much-needed rest. And pray that God will ultimately use this time to draw people closer to Him.

God is a big God and he can use even the craziest of situations for His good. If you would like more ways to pray during this time, check out our earlier blog post, “Praying Psalm 46 in a Time of Crisis” and click here for a printable PDF of this month’s prayer focus.

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