A Look at Missions in Germany [Photo Journal]

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Life in quaint Kandern, Germany, can be picturesque. Follow along as TEAM missionary Danielle Germaine gives us a guided photo tour of life, culture and missions in Germany.

Situated in the charming village of Kandern, Germany, Black Forest Academy is a boarding school for children of missionaries and international businesspeople. At BFA, students study a North American curriculum with a Christian worldview. A melting pot of culture, Black Forest Academy is home to over 300 students who have parents working or serving in over 50 countries.

Danielle Germaine, TEAM missionary, serves as a resident assistant at Black Forest Academy, where she cultivates community among the students.

Scroll through her photo journal below for a glimpse of culture and missions in Germany.

Meet Danielle


danielle germaine team missions in germany

Guten Tag! My name is Danielle Germaine and I serve as a resident assistant at Black Forest Academy, a boarding school for missionary kids (MKs) in southern Germany. Originally from Florida, I have loved soaking up German culture while living and learning among students from all over the world.


Local German Flavors 


apfel kuchen germany

“Kaffee and kuchen” or “coffee and cake” is one of my favorite German traditions. Many Germans set this afternoon time aside to sit, sip and relax with friends. Kuchen is less sweet than cake in North America and usually includes fresh fruit. This particular apfel kuchen was made by my next-door neighbor.


Käsespätzle germany

Käsespätzle: The closest thing to mac n’ cheese I’ve found, but even better.


Missions in Germany


black forest academy missions in germany

Opening Ceremonies at Black Forest Academy marks the beginning of a new school year. The students here are from all over the world, many are the children of missionaries or international business families. Students come here to study under a North American curriculum that incorporates a Christian worldview. Here the students proudly bear their countries’ flags for the school to see.


black forest academy missions in germany

Recently, Black Forest Academy took a high school retreat in the Swiss Alps. Here is when the students began a school-wide snowball fight.


black forest academy dorm photo missions in germany

Meet the ladies of Haus Jesse, a boarding school dorm in the Black Forest of Germany. These girls come from all over the world, but together, we form a family.


Favorite Spots to Frequent


bonhoeffer house

Germany is home to several influential pastors and theologians, including Dietrich Bonhoeffer, whose own conviction led him to join the Nazi resistance movement, resulting in his death. The Bonhoeffer House in Berlin still challenges and inspires its visitors today.


german castle

My idea of a perfect day: pack a picnic and hike to a German castle.


rothenburg bavaria missions in germany

This medieval town is Rothenburg in northern Bavaria. The town walls still surround the city today.


Tempelhof Airport

Tempelhof Airport in Berlin, infamous for its pre-World War II history, is no longer in use. It is, however, growing to become one of Germany’s largest refugee centers today.


Lutherstadt Germany missions

Wittenberg, Germany, is Martin Luther’s town, where the Protestant Reformation began when he nailed his 95 theses to the door of the Castle Church.


hiking black forest germany

Germany’s Black Forest has hiking trails everywhere. I try to hike at least once a day.

Interested in experiencing missions in Germany for yourself? Click here to learn more. 

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  • Hello Danielle, what a nice view to the German life, thank you a lot!
    I am German, living in Worms, the oldest German City. This is the historic place, where AD 1521 reformer Martin Luther said his famous words in front of Kaiser and Reichstag: I cannot help but standing here.
    I´m doing team adventures around here and in the black forest, and I like the country a lot.
    Hope you enjoy your staying here.

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