What Does a Missions Coach Do? [Photo Journal]

missions coach
A missions coach helps people connect their talents and passions with an opportunity to serve on the mission field. Learn more about their ministry of mobilization below. Photos by Leslie Lesher

Deciding to become a missionary is a complex, faith-stretching and, sometimes, lengthy process. Questions like “How do I know if I’m really called?” or “What will I actually do overseas?” are not always easy to answer.

To help, every potential missionary with TEAM journeys with a missions coach. Coaches answer questions, make ministry connections and, most importantly, pray with every person in the process.

Leslie Lesher has been serving as a TEAM missions coach since 2016. Scroll through her photo journal below to learn what a missions coach does and how she can help you find the right missions opportunity.

Meet Leslie


¡Hola! I am Leslie Lesher from Tijuana, Mexico! I currently live in Pennsylvania, working as a missions coach with TEAM. I’ve always had a heart for the nations and wanted to be a part of what God is doing around the world. As a missions mobilizer, I not only get to live vicariously through the people that I’m mobilizing, but I also get to journey with them as they get ready to go.

When I am not talking about global missions with whoever crosses my path, I’m out exploring new places. I love to be outdoors with a camera and coffee in hand.

What It’s Like to Be a Missions Coach


Some days, I visit churches, colleges and ministries around my region. Other days, I meet with people at coffee shops to talk about missions and how TEAM can serve them best. But on snowy days like today, I get to work from my home office.


TEAM partners with churches to send global missionaries. So as a missions coach, I get to work alongside the local church as they send their own ­­­­— either by answering their questions, providing resources so they can send out their missionaries well or even facilitating workshops to engage their congregations with missions. It’s a privilege and my favorite part of the job.


A question I get asked a lot is, “How do I know if I’m called to missions?” There’s no one-size-fits-all answer, but one way I encourage people to explore that question is by taking a vision trip. A vision trip is designed to help you discover what it’s like to be a missionary. Over 10-14 days, you’ll meet long-term workers and see how God is using them to make disciples.

This spring, I get to lead a vision trip to Mexico! So if you’ve been asking yourself that question … ¡Vamos!


A vision trip is a great opportunity to explore life on the mission field — and that includes all of the local flavors, sights and smells. I am counting the days until I can eat authentic Mexican tacos with my vision trip team!

To learn more about vision trips and if this experience is right for you, download an info guide here.


I often get to represent TEAM at college missions conferences! If you see us at your school, stop by our booth. We would love to meet you and treat you to coffee.


Recently, I received TEAM brochures in Spanish! I am so grateful to work for an organization that desires to send missionaries from everywhere to everywhere.


I don’t always work from a Missions Place, but when I do, I enjoy a wonderful collaborating space, not only with fellow missions mobilizers, but also with likeminded organizations. Check out more photos from the Missions Place collaborative workspace here.


They say the best conversations happen over coffee. Sitting down at a quaint place to converse with missionaries before and after their trips is a great opportunity I have to help them process the journey God has them on.

If you’re interested in missions, a missions coach in your area would love to chat with you over the phone or coffee. Explore your opportunities to serve here, and contact us here. We’ll get in touch soon!


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Leslie Lesher

Leslie Lesher has been interested in the world and different cultures since she was very young. Before serving as a missions coach with TEAM, she was a missionary in Mexico for six years.


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