What’s So Great About TEAM?

We believe missions agencies should work together with local churches and national believers to advance the kingdom of God. Photo by Robert Johnson / TEAM

We usually aim to be more informative than self-promotional on this blog. But occasionally, we do both at once. This follow-up to a recent post about how to choose a missions agency explains a few things that we believe (in our humble opinion) make TEAM a special place to serve. Our mobilization team recently shared this with our U.S. staff.

There are plenty of great missions agencies out there. We believe we’re all on the same side, working toward the same goals and serving the same God.

For more than a century, TEAM has been placing passionate people on the field to serve the kingdom through opportunities that are right for them and right for the global church. We’re not perfect by any means. But we do care about connecting God’s call on your life with the ways God is moving in the world.

Balanced theology and Christian diversity
While TEAM’s statement of faith is the uncompromising core of our identity, we also leave ample room for diverse worship and ministry approaches and differing theological perspectives on many issues. Read our statement of faith.

God dependence
TEAM strives to put in place the best systems and strategies it can, but we know that man-made structures alone do not guarantee success. Only God provides what is necessary to carry out world evangelization. We submit our lives to Scripture and rely on God for wisdom and strength, both in big-picture strategies and daily struggles.

Missionary care at every level
In addition to an experienced team of certified counselors, TEAM’s global member care network and experienced support staff offer personal and ongoing assistance in all of our fields. So whether you need help through marital stress, prayer and logistical support in a crisis, or just a friendly listening ear, we’re there for you.

Trusted stewardship
As a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, TEAM is audited annually by a certified public accounting firm to ensure we spend money in the ways we say we spend it. You and your ministry supporters should expect such accountability from any reputable agency. In addition, our financial team and field leadership work diligently to ensure that funds are managed in accordance with local laws overseas.

Field-driven decision-making
Our structure aims to allow most decisions about ministry strategy to be made at the field level — that is, our priorities and approaches are driven by input on the ground, where ministry happens.

Accountability and ministry teams
It’s tough to do missions alone. Not only is there strength in numbers, but at TEAM, we also believe it’s more effective to do ministry on teams. When others journey with us, we find support and encouragement, and that somehow our collective efforts accomplish more than we could by ourselves. TEAM’s accountability structure is built to empower missionaries without smothering them.

A deep history
Past performance does not necessarily guarantee future success, but TEAM has been doing missions for more than a century and has learned a few things along the way. Our long history in countries around the world offers a stable platform from which to launch your ministry. We offer a long line of others who have gone to the field before you. So whether you are jump-starting a new ministry venture or are part of a large and established field team, you can tap into a community of expertise and support.

Focused on the local church
We work closely with local churches to honor and equip them to be vested partners in the missionary sending process. TEAM believes in the role of the local church as the primary sender, doing all we can to support them in that role and help their missionaries thrive.

Focused on making disciples
Our overseas ministries are focused on making disciples who become the church, because we believe the church is God’s chosen tool for effecting the most lasting change. Our ministries may range from health to evangelism to education, but all of them aim to create disciples who strengthen the national church wherever they are present.

A diverse set of service opportunities
We offer hundreds of widely varying opportunities to serve in more than 35 countries. We serve among all major world religions and most ethnic groups. No matter your skill set, there is a strong chance we can connect you to the right place to serve.

Competitive health insurance and retirement planning
At TEAM, we believe in setting up our missionaries for long-term success in life. For both our U.S. and Canadian missionaries, we offer group health plans that offer international coverage at competitively low premiums. For our long-term U.S. missionaries, we also offer a 403(b) retirement savings plan with matching employer contributions, which we strongly encourage our missionaries to take advantage of. Long-term missionaries with TEAM Canada participate in a separate retirement pension plan.

Personal debt
TEAM does not require prospective missionaries to be free of personal debt such as a mortgage or education loans before heading to the field. Our staff work closely with missionary candidates to make sure they have a plan in place to address debt in a sustainable way that does not jeopardize their ministry. We highly encourage applicants to eliminate credit card and other consumer debt before becoming missionaries.

Spiritual vitality
TEAM workers, by and large, are grounded in personal spiritual disciplines that fuel their lives and ministry. We help all missionaries to maintain vibrant habits of prayer, Bible study, and stillness that will sustain their spiritual and emotional well-being.

Looking to serve overseas, but not sure whether TEAM is a good fit for you? No pressure. Our missions coaches will gladly help you discern and serve you in any way they can.

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Andy Olsen

Andy Olsen is a former senior writer and editor at TEAM. He is especially interested in exploring and sharing the metrics and best practices of great missions. Before joining TEAM, Andy served as Director of Communications for Latin America Mission. He has worked as a writer, photographer and videographer for NGOs in Haiti and for newspapers and magazines across the country.

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