When Water Brings Eternal Hope [March Prayer Focus]

World Water Day
Will you pray with us for communities around the world that need clean water and the hope that Living Water brings? Photo by TEAM

There’s a reason Jesus used water as a metaphor to describe salvation in John 4:14. Simply put, we can’t survive without it.

Yet, in many parts of the world, clean, life-giving water is difficult — or impossible — to come by.

That’s why so many missionaries strive to meet this physical need — and use it as a tool to share the Gospel.

Through water-based ministries, missionaries are finding ways to build relationships with those they are trying to reach. They also have the chance to show God’s love and mercy in a very real, tangible way.

This March, will you pray with us for water ministries and the missionaries running them?

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1. Pray for favor with local municipalities.

world water day

The water-bottling factory in Port Shepstone, South Africa, provides clean water and jobs for orphaned teenagers  — but it needs the government’s permission to make an important update. Photo by TEAM

The Rehoboth Children’s Village has a water-bottling factory that provides clean water and jobs for orphaned teenagers affected by HIV. There are few jobs in South Africa, but these teenagers graduate with valuable work experience and job references that give them an edge in the adult job market.

Right now, the water-bottling factory needs a storm drainage system. But first, TEAM missionaries Brett and Kara Richstone must submit building plans to the local government for review.

The Richstones aren’t alone. Many water-based projects involve construction and tapping into a country’s natural resources. Both of these things often require government approval and special permits.

Please pray that water ministries will obtain all the permits necessary to continue. Pray that government officials will understand the benefits of these projects and be willing to guide missionaries through the permit processes.

2. Pray for abundant resources and funding.  

Drilling wells, setting up water taps and other water projects call for expensive, heavy-duty equipment. And when cash flow for the projects is low, missionaries often pull from their personal support.

A TEAM missionary in South Asia is working to restore one village’s water system. A recent earthquake wiped out the existing system, which has left local women and girls especially vulnerable.

They now have to travel long distances to gather water and bathe in secluded streams, where predators may attack.

But to restore the village’s water system, the missionary and her team must raise enough funds to cover labor, equipment and maintenance.

Ask God to supply the necessary resources for each water project. Ask Him to also give missionaries wisdom as they search for good deals in equipment and labor. Pray that they will have funds for high-quality work.

3. Pray for knowledgeable, skilled workers.

World Water Day

Providing clean water to a new region like Chad is a very detailed process that requires skilled workers — many of whom we pray God will provide soon! Photo by TEAM

A lot of expertise goes into bottling water, restoring water systems and drilling wells. From engineers to marketers, water projects often require very specific skill sets.

In TEAM missionary Scott Downing’s case, his well-drilling ministry in Chad needs a full-time technical person.

“I am interested in partnering with someone who could map aquifers and their depths — especially in areas where we’ve not succeeded in finding water,” he says.

Pray that God will provide the right workers with the right know-how for ministries like well-drilling. Pray that these future workers will be receptive to His calling.

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  • Jesus day’s Iam the Living Water’s
    Whoever’s drinks of this water will thirst again;
    But whoever’s drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst. But the water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing into everlasting life’
    John 4:14 verse

  • It is Good for Un saved people’s.The need of Salvation Every Children’s of God.
    I wish you for Happy Principle brought out your Beloved Prayer Partner.

    Thinking to You for Remembering me in Heartily Prayer.

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