How One VBS Brought an Entire Family to Christ [May Prayer Focus]

VBS ministries
VBS isn't just for the kids. Discover how you can pray for VBS ministries that are impacting entire families around the world this summer! Photo by TEAM

Daisy had no idea how a simple “yes” would change her life.

A few years ago, her son asked if he could go to vacation Bible school. Daisy’s decision to let him go still impacts her family today.

That VBS is where Daisy met TEAM missionaries Art and Vicki — who then introduced her whole family to Christ. Now, Daisy and her husband serve as teachers in the Emmanuel Evangelical Church in Mexico.

All because of one decision. All because of one vacation Bible school.

This May, will you pray with us for VBS and summer camp ministries?

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1. Pray that VBS and summer camp workers will know how to effectively follow up with families.

VBS ministries

VBS is only held twice a year in Taiwan, so follow-up visits with families is an important part of the programs.  Photo by TEAM

Children and families who come to these short-term camps don’t always know how to plug into the church afterward. Even if they’re interested, they often need a little guidance when it comes to getting involved with the congregation.

“We have been saying lately that we feel like one huge piece of making the VBS program more successful in bringing people closer to Christ is in the follow-up after the camp,” says TEAM missionary Kate Hanson. “We … need follow-up opportunities to get to know the families of the VBS students.”

Kate serves in Taiwan, where they host two VBS camps per year. Once during Chinese New Year break and once during the summer.

Pray that campers’ families will be open to meeting with missionaries after VBS is over. Pray that these follow-up efforts will lead to long-term relationships with Christ.

2. Pray that workers will find the best time to host camps and vacation Bible schools.

Different cultures operate on different standards of time. Sometimes school continues year-round. Other times, children feel immense pressure from their parents to take part in extracurricular activities, leaving little time for anything else.

In TEAM missionaries Scott and Kyoko Nelson’s case, it’s hard to find a whole week out of the year when Japanese children aren’t booked.

“Here in Japan … children are super busy,” says Kyoko. “Their parents have them involved in many sports and other activities, and of course holidays are often spent with family. So to have the kids for a whole week would be a great blessing.”

Pray that workers will find times the most children can attend camps and vacation Bible schools. Pray also that parents will see the importance of these activities and focus on them.

3. Pray that parents will allow their children to attend VBS and summer camp activities.

VBS ministries

In Mexico, parents are often hesitant to send their children to evangelical camps. Will you ask God to soften their hearts to the idea of their children attending VBS? Photo by TEAM

Some communities are hostile toward the Gospel. Unfortunately, that pressure sometimes makes parents hesitant to send their children to VBS or Bible camp.

For example, the Mexican community that TEAM missionaries Art and Vicki live in is heavily influenced by the traditional church, which often discourages parents from sending their kids to evangelical camps.

But Art and Vicki see the potential VBS ministry has.

“Many parents in our community will not allow their kids to attend our weekly services or Kids Club, but they will allow their kids to attend VBS.”

Ask God to reveal Truth to those who try to dissuade children from learning about Christ. Pray that the parents of these children will not give into cultural pressures.

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