TEAM Eats: Kolachkes

Finished cookies surrounded by Christmas decor
Check out this recipe for traditional Czech cookies! Then, take some time to pray for the Czech people.

Today’s recipe was originally published by The Hungry Bluebird

Merry Christmas! These cookies come all the way from the Czech Republic and they are delicious! These light and sweet cookies are easy to make and will add some cultural diversity to your upcoming Christmas parties and family dinners. 

Even though there isn’t sugar in the cookie dough itself, the cookies get just the right amount of sweetness from the jam or cream cheese filling in the middle. In that way, these buttery, flaky cookies are similar to  American pastries Try them out for yourself because they are super yummy and packed full of Christmas joy!

While you are baking the cookies, take some time to pray for the people of the Czech Republic. In this country, with a population of over 10 million people, only 0.74% are evangelical. Most people in this area consider themselves non-religious. That means that missionaries here have a lot of work ahead of them! Pray that missionaries will be able to use the Christmas season to talk to their friends and neighbors about the true meaning of Christmas!

Today’s recipe comes to you from Kelly at The Hungry Blue Bird. You can find the full instructions here.


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