Unwavering Faithfulness in Chad

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TEAM Chad has a long history of faithful women as an enduring force for Kingdom work.

In 1927, Victor and Florence Veary arrived in southern Chad looking for the Laka tribe. Ninety years later, the fruits of that labor include the largest evangelical denomination in Chad. TEAM Chad has a long history of women being an important part of this enduring work. For this month’s Ministry Update, we highlight four women who have served extraordinarily long and impactful careers in Chad.  


Mechthild Roth  

Chad is a nation with over 128 languages. This poses a significant challenge for translating and teaching the Bible. After an internship in 1988, Mechthild, a member of SAHEL LIFE Mission in Germany, was seconded to TEAM Chad in 1991. She began her missionary career in Chad teaching reading and writing to Lele women and children and producing literature for the Lele people.  

Recognizing the importance of learning the Bible in one’s heart language, Mechthild began working with curriculum development for Bible schools birthed through the work of Sudan United Mission, the progenitor of TEAM in Chad. Utilizing six of the major languages found within the Church body, these schools train the majority of pastoral couples who serve over 3,000 churches. Within just the last cycle, over 180 couples and 5 single pastors were trained through these schools.  

Coordinating this project for the Bible Schools as a woman is a pioneering work in itself as there are few women in such positions of leadership in the Chadian Church. Mechthild equips the Bible School directors in their ministry and creates materials that are both essential and previously absent in the curriculum, including such subjects as pedagogy, Bible study, geography, counseling, ethics, and church history. She also coordinates translation of the curriculum. We have already begun to wonder who can carry on this important task for the future. 


Mary Stone 

For the last 30 years, Mary has been known for pouring out her life for the Chadian people and the Church of Chad. She arrived in 1994 and her vision has remained the same: to see the Church refined and carry out its divine task of sharing the Gospel in word and deed. Her passions lie in evangelism, prayer, and discipleship.  

As a trailblazer, Mary directed 3 films that cut to the heart of intense moral issues plaguing both society and the church. These films were produced using all local actors and scripts. Mary’s ministry among seminary graduates is also unique as she disciples them during their early years as pastors and evangelists, teaching them how to pray effectively and to minister compassionately in their communities.   

Additionally, Mary has created over 15 booklets to share with Chadians and edify the church, including diverse topics such as fasting, sexuality, and heroes of the faith. Upon return from her last home assignment, Mary was burdened by difficulties the Church was having with reconciliation. To exhort the church to this end, she created a study on 1 Samuel with a heart to see authentic forgiveness prioritized.


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Mechthild, Mary, Kathryn, and Diane represent over 100 combined years of service to the Lord in Chad.



Kathryn Weber 

When the Webers arrived in Chad in the late 1990s, Kathryn hoped to teach missionary children.  When the school for missionary kids closed, the Webers could hardly comprehend what the Lord was doing.  Despite this major setback, Kathryn continued to pursue her passion to educate by teaching ESL from a Christian worldview.   

Because of the failure of the public school system, the proliferation of private Christian schools in Chad was exponential, even in unreached communities.  As Kathryn recognized this, she saw that she could multiply her efforts by instructing Christian teachers on how to incorporate a biblical worldview into their classrooms. Through a program and curriculum she developed, Kathryn has equipped hundreds of teachers in the last 15 years.  These teachers can take their knowledge and faith into the farthest reaches of the country. 

More recently, Kathryn has been burdened by the literacy rate in Chad. UNICEF reports that 70% of children can’t read. Kathryn has developed a Chad-specific literacy program modeled on the most current research and has begun training educators and missionaries alike. Literacy enhances academic potential, improves self-worth, and makes Christian schools more attractive in their communities – multiplying their impact to all the children who cross their doors.


Diane Vanderkooi 

Diane arrived in Chad in 1995 with Africa Inland Mission. During this first term of service in Chad, Diane met Mark Vanderkooi, a linguist with TEAM. The two were married in 1999 and Diane joined Mark in a flagship ministry of translating the Scriptures. In addition to discipling young women, Diane began to develop literacy materials to teach the Kwong people to read and write their own language.  

Some years later, the desire to see the Word of God be made available to an illiterate society inspired Mark and Diane to launch a radio station featuring Bible reading, theology, drama, music, and local news. Most of the programming is developed, recorded, and edited by Diane.  

The Vanderkoois also have a longstanding commitment to help the local health center. Using local resources and staffing, Diane instituted a feeding program for disadvantaged children that continues to this day and has saved hundreds of young lives. One of the very first of these vulnerable children, Sylvie, not only regained health, but was recently adopted into the Vanderkooi family. Now, as Sylvie has reached school age, Diane has added homeschooling to her list of charges and is contemplating how she might help improve education for other village children as well. 


Written and contributed by: Lorraine Green and Eric Kroner



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