Forced to Start Over — with Nothing [June Prayer Focus]

refugee ministries
Around the world, refugees are being displaced every day. Read how refugee ministries are addressing this crisis and how you can pray. Photo by TEAM

Fear swept over Farrah* as rebel soldiers pulled her family over to the side of the road. They hadn’t even made it to the Jordanian border yet.

She and her family had packed all their money in socks and fled their Iraqi village after rebel forces took over. But now, here they were, face-to-face with the people they were trying to escape.

When the soldiers yelled for everyone to get out of the vehicle, Farrah obeyed. Instantly, there was a gun at her head.

She knew they wanted the money. Slipping a hand inside one of the socks, she thought, “If I could just take one coin, it would make such a difference in our lives in Jordan.”

But she quickly overcame the temptation. She knew she would be shot if the rebels found even one coin on her.

The soldiers finally left, but only after taking every last coin Farrah’s family had.

They would have to start their new lives penniless.

Refugees like Farrah are being displaced every day. They didn’t choose to leave their homes. But they now find themselves trying to survive in communities that are not their own —  often with severe trauma.

While these people face overwhelming hardship, God is calling us to show Christ’s love in tangible, practical ways.

This June, will you pray with us for refugee ministries around the world?

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1. Pray that workers can meet the varying needs of refugees.

Imagine having to suddenly leave your home and start over in a foreign country with little to nothing. You don’t understand the language. You don’t know the legal systems. How can you hope to even find a job or reliable transportation?

TEAM missionary Laura* teaches English to refugees in California. She knows English is a basic survival skill for many of the people she helps. But she says she’s learning more and more that there are other needs hiding beneath of the surface, like transportation and medical help.

refugee ministries

Learning English is one of many needs refugees have when they come to the U.S. While learning the language, they also have to figure out housing, transportation and employment! Photo by TEAM

Please pray that God’s people will recognize the varying needs of their new neighbors. Pray that they will reach out in peace to these vulnerable families without hesitation.

2. Pray that nations will open their doors to refugees.

Government policymakers can be apprehensive when it comes to helping large amounts of refugees. But these displaced people need somewhere to settle in order to reconstruct their lives.

TEAM missionary Sara Titus is working with two Chinese refugees, Anicka* and Eva*, in Prague, Czech Republic. They were forced to flee their homeland due to religious persecution.

Last February, they — along with 84 other Chinese refugees — were denied international protection. They have appealed the decision. So now, they wait, fearful of what the future might bring.

Unfortunately, situations like Anicka and Eva’s are common now that the refugee crisis has become so immense.

Ask God to move in those who have the power to act on behalf of people like Anicka and Eva. Pray that refugees will be able to stay in places where they have already learned the language and formed friendships.

3. Pray that refugee ministries will receive the funds they need to continue.

Due to economic strain, many government-funded programs have been cut since the refugee crisis first broke out in 2011. But the need for these programs is still as great as it was seven years ago.

“The needs are endless… [but] the situation now for refugees still here is worse than it was at the beginning of the crisis,” says one TEAM missionary. “Many of them are so desperate that they are going back to Syria, even though it is still quite dangerous there.”

Pray that God’s people will rally around refugees, even when entire governments might look the other way. Pray that refugee ministries and programs will receive the resources and support they need.

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*Names changed.

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  • Dear TEAM Members,

    First of all I would like to thank you for sending me some articles and prayer focus topics. I really thank you all and I’ll pray for refugee, country which is working for God and their people.
    I have a heartily request to you that send me a lots of prayer topics at least in a week.
    Have a nice day and praise the Lord.

    Warm regards


  • Greetings from Burundi.

    Please,I would like to ask you to pray for the Burundian Refuge many of them are in Rwanda,Tanzania and Uganda . The Refuge from Congo are in Burundi. we need your prayer and i want to invite you .

    The peace of God be with you

  • This June Prayer

    O heavenly father! Thank you Lord. You provided me this opportunity Lord. Thank you Lord. First of all I want to thank you Lord, that you connected me with TEAM; TEAM is working for you Lord. Lord spread TEAM work and workers in whole globe Lord. They all are working for you Lord. O my Lord, all TEAM staff is working hard for your kingdom Lord, see them and open your eye Lord. They want your grace Lord, they want your recognition Lord, and they want your presence Lord. You fulfilled in past to all your sons and daughters dream Lord. I hope they also will get your unlimited grace and benefit this TEAM staff Lord. This TEAM is working everywhere and for each people who is calling you Lord for smile, for bread, for house Lord and for better human communities Lord.

    I pray for Farrah and her family Lord. She is suffering for peace, penny, bread and a house Lord where she wants to stay peacefully and care her family members Lord. It’s her right Lord, because she is your daughter Lord. She got in TEAM’s hands Lord because of you Lord, because of your desire Lord. I thank you Lord. Farrah saved by you Lord and saved by TEAM Lord. She has needed everything for living in peace and with a human dignity Lord. And it’s my faith Lord; she will get everything by you Lord.

    O God! I pray for all refugee ministries Lord. Anyone and everywhere who is working for your kingdom Lord, they get your grace, your blessing Lord, your guidance Lord, your miracle Lord, your presence Lord. I am really nothing without you Lord. You are already chosen me Lord, it’s my fortune Lord and I am so happy that you are guiding me Lord. O heavenly father! There take care all your ministries sons and daughters Lord.

    Lord I pray those nations Lord which are opens their door for refugees Lord. Lord takes care and save those countries Lord. You make in peace and prosperous those countries Lord where TEAM staffs live peacefully and serve to refugees Lord. It will not possible without your blessings Lord. Lord you save and taking care them by terrorism and any types of other atrocities Lord. Lord you save these nations and that people Lord; save them Lord, save them. And provide lots of offerings Lord. They become rich and rich and they also provide all types of facilities to refugees Lord. All refugees get your blessings Lord and alive happily and sing your kingdom’s songs Lord such as sing freely a bird at morning Lord. Thank you Lord. Thank you.

    Sara Titus is working for Chinese refugees Lord. She has need your strength Lord and she wants to be strong that she can serve successfully all Chinese refugees Lord. Lord I am praying for these Chinese refugees that you strengthen them to stay there with newly made their many friends. Strengthen them Lord; strengthen them that they stay there peacefully and happily. Lord give them a lots of blessings that there they make a big family tree Lord. Lord blessing them, blessing them. Thank you Lord.

    O God you give a lots of opportunity of missionaries God that they share it with good news to refugees Lord. It will possible everything by you God, because I know you are only the God of gods Lord, only you are the king of this world Lord. Lord you can do everything possible and it can do in seconds Lord. Lord you do it. You are greater than great Lord. Lord send some dedicate and true fellows who serve the refugee for long term Lord. Open people’s heart and open the door Lord that they come to serve your people Lord. Lord we’ve need your blessing that we can open, make and build many churches in the world Lord. The refugees are really hungry for your true message Lord, they want to eat and drink your message Lord. O dear God remove the fears of people that they come out and migrate and can sing your sons of kingdom Lord. The most of people are in fear and prejudice, due to it they are not coming out. Lord gives them fearless and free atmosphere them that they come out and join with us Lord. O my Lord, provide fund to missionaries that they serve to refugees and care them. We have needed your blessing for the Philippines, Japan, Mexico, Spain and Middle East Lord. Lord reaches your blessing for these countries Lord. There are lots of people who are hungry for your bread and blood Lord. Bless them. I pray in your precious name, Amen.

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