International Churches: A Gateway to the Unreached

Serving in international churches is a chance to minister to unreached people groups in closed nations - with the government’s blessing.

In a world where missionary visas are increasingly hard to get, Hunter and Wendy* are doing something truly remarkable.

They’re moving to a Muslim-majority country where local churches operate underground. They’ll work to make disciples among unreached people groups. And they’ll do it with the local government’s approval.

It sounds impossible, but opportunities like this are opening around the world, thanks to international churches.

“It’s kind of amazing because it’s a Muslim country, and it’s illegal to become a Christian there, … but I’m going to have ‘pastor’ in my visa,” Hunter says.

Committed to the Unreached

Hunter and Wendy have been focused on unreached people groups for over a decade.

The couple met on a mid-term mission to Central Asia. After seminary, they moved to a New York college town where less than 1 percent of the student population has any connection to Christianity.

Hunter got a role as an associate pastor and had a meaningful ministry. But in 2019, he and Wendy started praying about finding a senior pastor role.

They brought their church into the conversation, walking through an evaluation, talking with a mentor and praying about next steps. During that time, God reminded Wendy of all the cross-cultural skills they already had. Why not consider going overseas again?

Hunter started looking at job boards and found a senior pastor opening in North Africa.

The role was in a city with a thriving expatriate community. And although converting to Christianity is illegal for citizens of the country, foreigners are allowed to practice whatever religion they choose.

This means international church staff can openly minister to unreached people groups — as long as they come from another country.

“[College students] come from countries with almost no accessibility to the Gospel,” Hunter says. When they arrive at Hunter’s church, though, they can openly join the college ministry, study Scripture and declare their new faith.

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Serving an International Church with TEAM

After accepting the new job, Hunter and Wendy connected with TEAM to be part of a new international churches program.

Although TEAM missionaries have planted international churches for many years, the new program seeks out existing international churches and helps fill staffing needs with qualified workers.

TEAM is recruiting international church staff to serve unreached expats and local believers in congregations around the world.

These workers will minister to unreached expats, as well as teaching believers how to make disciples in foreign countries. Hunter and Wendy are also excited to serve other frontline workers, partnering with them in full-time ministry.

“It seemed like there’s not really organizations out there that are doing what TEAM is trying to do with international churches,” Hunter says.

Hunter and Wendy are the program’s first appointees, but other international churches are reaching out for partnership.

Unity in a Constantly Changing Congregation

Along with the incredible opportunities, pastoring an international church will come with unique challenges.

With expats constantly coming and going, the demographics can be hard to pin down. Hunter and Wendy’s future church has members from 25 nations, mostly in Africa and Europe. Cultural intelligence is critical.

Additionally, the church is the only English-speaking, Protestant congregation in the city. If you’re an evangelical Christian, no matter your denomination, you only have one option on Sunday mornings.

This vast diversity requires strong unity on the essentials of the faith and deep grace on secondary and tertiary issues.

“You have to figure out how to … help them unite around the core of the Christian faith,” Hunter says, “and so there’s something really beautiful and also very challenging about that.”

But Hunter and Wendy won’t be doing that uniting alone.

As they prepare for their departure, the couple has already started getting to know their new congregation, joining Zoom prayer meetings and talking with church members. Hunter will also have the aid of an elder board as well as an associate pastor from West Africa.

Together, they’re eager to see how God can transform not just the lives in the church but their entire surrounding community.

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Bethany DuVal

Bethany DuVal served as TEAM's marketing manager and editor. She is passionate about helping others tell their stories, whether they're missionaries on the field, new believers or part of a missionary support team. When she's not writing, she enjoys reading books and hiking in the Smoky Mountains.


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  • Hi Bethany ,

    You sent me an email regarding serving Jesus abroad , remember? It was a while back . I definitely would like to know if there is still opportunities. The only experience I personally have is building homes , orphanages , and a medical clinic in various parts of Mexico, not sure if I qualify to be a pastor but I love to share Jesus….I am sending this by faith , trusting God knows if he has somewhere He wants me , if you feel led , your welcome to call me anytime , my number is 720 256 9782. Thank you so much for reaching out to me!

    • Hi Glenn, thanks for reaching out! There are a ton of opportunities to serve with TEAM — and most of them are for non-pastors. The best person to talk with is actually one of our missions coaches. They can help you think through your experience/skill level and what opportunities might be best for you. Would you go to this page and fill out the form on it? That way we can get you connected with the right person!

      • We are really discouraged by our beloved missionaries who come into our countries to reach the Unreached but they end up to places of reached.
        Most of the churches have good Heart for the Unreached but the Unreached remains so. God raised few of the Muslims to the knowledge of Christ but we are persecuted lacking basic social amenities and excommunicated by our families.Most Living in abject poverty after what they live on were taken away because of Christ.
        I wish billions of money sent by People of God to Unreached reach them.
        In Northern Kenya East Africa the gospel can be preached but where are the support team.. all in urban centers.
        Kindly change your policies in dealing with us Unreached.
        They will remain so… If audit is not done
        .. Evangelist from Kenya.. Nairobi

      • Kosaye, thank you so much for sharing your perspective. TEAM is blessed to have hundreds of global workers all over the world, working in all kinds of areas from large, urban centers to remote villages. In the last couple of years in particular, the Lord has opened more and more doors for workers, not only from North America but also from other parts of the world, to reach Muslim populations in unreached areas. We appreciate your continued prayers!

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